Antonia Campi has a long history of connections and encounters with Faenza: the first contacts came thanks to the ceramist Angelo Bianciniand the director of the International Ceramics Museum, Gaetano Ballardini.  Hence the inclusion of pieces by the artist/designer in competitions and, more recently, in a major retrospective at the museum, in 2010. A “return” to Faenza that has led to new encounters and paths. Thus the partnership and works done with the artist/ceramist Antonella Ravagli  –  under the label Antò; the projects with the ceramists/designers Elisabetta Bovina and Carlo Pastore, and the reworkings of historic pieces with Opificio Ceramico of Alfredo Gioventù and Daniela Mangini. These ‘Dialogues’ of Antonia Campi, presented by Anty Pansera, can be seen in Faenza at Studio Battaglia of Enrico Versari: the young painter and draftsman is also a designer of ceramic musical instruments, large vases with a metaphysical design that will resound as a tribute to Antonia Campi and all her friends.