More and more companies and creatives are committed to the arts and craftsmanship. Can we design the aesthetics of a digital renaissance?

We are in the midst of an accelerated process moving in the direction of new styles of living and working. A behavioral revolution that relies on innovative, high-performance technological tools while taking into account the need to safeguard the environment in which we live, without damaging as in the past. In what has been defined at the age of ‘immateriality,’ industrial design takes new energy from art and craftsmanship, returning to its status as a strong point for companies and creators. Talents in the digital arts and gurus of arts+crafts program the aesthetic of the rebound. The hybrid values of this historical period are a mixture of technology, nature and culture.

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Giacomo Garziano architect and  founder GG-loop
Marcantonio designer
Marco Morandini curator Visionnaire
Roberto Ruffoni Design Research Manager, OPPO London Design Centre

Moderator:  Carlo Biasia, architect

architect and founder GG-loop
Born in 1981, in Puglia, fascinated by science and music composition from a early age, Giacomo Garziano trained first as a musician then as an architect in Florence and Paris. He founded GG-loop in 2014 in Amsterdam, with the goal to generate novel, organic approaches to design and architecture. His first project, the multi-awarded polyhedral House-Museum The Seed of Time (Altamura, Bari), merging music, science and art, brought the practice to international recognition. The recent Freebooter and Mitosis projects have become global benchmarks of biophilic design. His eclectic approach creates multi-sensory experiences, his objects becoming an organic extension of the user, lifting the boundaries between the human and its surrounding.
Born '76, he attended the Art Institute and the Academy of Fine Arts. After graduation, he began working as a theatrical set designer and collaborating with various architects. Since 2001 he has been realizing sculptures, art objects and unique design pieces and design projects. The connections between Man and Nature are his favorite topic: he loves interpretating Nature’s dynamics and beauties showing Man’s attitude to alter the original. He learned from Art how an idea can be elegant, which is why he is always looking for pure and synthetic concepts, sometimes imaginary and imaginative. He does not renounce the irony that he considers serious and for this reason his projects appear fun and sometimes the result of a playful interaction.
curator Visionnaire
Born in Turin in 1971, an architect by training and with a Master in Business Communication, he is passionate about contemporary art and founded in Treviso a laboratory for experimentation on materials dedicated to artists and creatives. Among finalists of the Enterprise and Culture Award in 2007 with the project "Inglass-lab communicating with art". Since 2008 he has curated the artistic proposal and research projects for Visionnaire, the reference meta-luxury brand in the Made in Italy interior design sector. The contamination of languages between art and design, with particular attention to artisan excellence, characterizes the activity of the Wunderkammer, the gallery inside the Milanese flagship store whose programming follows.
Design Research Manager, OPPO London Design Centre
With decades of experience in the technology design sector, Roberto Ruffoni began working for the Chinese consumer electronics company OPPO in 2019. Specialized in Design Research and Concept Development, he directs the development of products, experiences and installations in collaboration with designers, universities, research centers, technology developers and artists.
Born in 1982, architect by training (IUAV, Venice) lives and works in Milan. As Special Projects Architect for Gruppo Mondadori he deals with the event of the Interni magazine for the FuoriSalone. Active internationally for the promotion of the magazine, he collaborates for the monographs supplement of the magazine, Interni Annual.