The evocative space of the Rotonda di via Besana(via Enrico Befana 12) hosts an exhibition produced by Fondazione Valore Italiaand the Ministry of Economic Development, with the support of the Department of Culture, Expo, Fashion and Design of the City of Milan. “Disegno e Design – Italian patents and creativity” sheds new light on the value of Italian creativity applied to industrial production, and the importance of safeguarding industrial property to conserve competitive advantages on international markets. The show presents hundreds of patents, drawings and trademarks – conserved at the Central State Archives and the Italian Patent Office– that illustrate the evolution and expansion of Italian creativity over the last century. The visit itinerary is an evocative voyage through patent documents, products and posters from the past. The Milanese version of “Disegno e Design” updates the contents already seen in Rome in 2009 and Shanghai in 2010, for the Expo, making a further contribution to the policy of spreading a correct culture of industrial property, which for many years now has included the efforts of the General Office for the Prevention of Counterfeiting of Products, of the Ministry of Economic Development.