At Scalo Lambrate (via Pietro Andrea Saccardo, 12 - Milan) the first solo show of the artist Marco Sorgato, curated by Nicolas Ballario, from 20 May to 13 June

The first solo show by Marco Sorgato opens at Scalo Lambrate, a young and eclectic artist who ranges from underground music to tattoos, up to art with a series of works that investigate the relationship between man and nature in this particular historical moment. The exhibition consists of about fifty works that are made up of three series: De-Compositions, Diary of Abuse, Dead Chips. At the center of each is anthropological research that reflects on man's attempt to overwhelm nature.

Writing is the medium chosen by Marco Sorgato to operate this oppression on a small scale. Plants, a symbol of Nature, are instead the apparent "injured party". The artist acts on them by writing with a spray can, with a quick and invasive gesture that symbolizes the brutality of the contemporary man's gesture.

According to Sorgato, nature is a complex system from which man cannot feel alien and his reaction can only cancel human intervention by making him return to his life cycles. For this reason the writing on the plant is destined to disappear: the crown, growing, modifies the message, then distorts it until it is unrecognizable. Finally, with the replacement of leaves, it loses the last signs of human intervention. A sprout is born from a lost leaf and human intervention is therefore forgotten and decomposed.

The exhibition, organized by the Formidable Association, is curated by Nicolas Ballario and sees the artistic direction of Umberto Cofini. It is the second exhibition hosted in the evocative spaces of Scalo Lambrate, an urban regeneration project born from the collaboration between the Formidable Association, Municipality 3 and FS Sistemi Urbani, owners of the asset. A warehouse that has not been used for years, inside the Lambrate railway yard, restored respecting the principles of environmental sustainability and made available to the community through a series of activities and services.

Open every day from 10:30 to 19:00 | Free admission without reservation.