The Sanders Universe sofa by Ditre Italia designed by Tiziano Guardini in an installation by Banner for the Milan Fashion Week from 22 to 28 February

"Each person is part of connections, more or less visible, and the actions of each affect the entire structure. Just stop and listen to what our life already knows, that is, that the universe is within us ", this is how Tiziano Guardini describes the vision of the Sanders Universe sofa by Ditre Italia, characterized by fabrics that represent the circularity of the planets that intersect and they change according to how the modules of the sofa are arranged, creating ten different combinations.

From 22 to 28 February, on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, Sanders Universe will be the protagonist of the installation of Banner, the womenswear boutique of the Biffi Boutiques group in via Sant’Andrea in Milan, designed by architect Gae Aulenti. Fashion and design are worlds separated by an ever thinner line, in continuous evolution, in which contamination is the key to new solutions and stimulating and avant-garde aesthetic languages. A philosophy in line with Ditre Italia's DNA, which showcases a sofa that stands out for its totally green fabric upholstery.

The company shares with the stylist the awareness of being part of a universe of actions of the individual who participates in the protection of our planet. There are two types of fabric used: the first made from recycled Pet, the second in cotton from the recovery of knitwear selected for textile composition and color in order to avoid waste of water and subsequent dyes. The color palettes are monochromatic and are inspired by the four essential elements of nature: earth, fire, water, air.

Other distinctive elements are the base and the structure: each single element is made up of recycled material, from metal to the glass fibers of the slats for springing. Natural latex and coconut fiber were used for the cushions joined by glues obtained from rubber. The cushions are wrapped in Ecosy-Ethically Soft Made padding derived from the processing of polyester fibers recycled from the recovery of plastic bottles. All assembled without glues to allow the recovery of each component at the end of the product life cycle.

To complete the installation, the Peace capsule of non-bloody silk mini dresses created by Tiziano Guardini exclusively for Biffi Boutiques: impalpable, organic fabrics created respecting the evolutionary cycle of the silkworm, come to life thanks to the iconic wave pattern dear to the designer, light and colorful creations that interact with Sanders Universe and with the exhibition space of the boutique.

“I am very satisfied with this collaboration with Tiziano who was immediately enthusiastic about the project and empathetic with the creative team of Ditre Italia. I also thank Stefano Spessotto who gave us the opportunity to work on his Sanders Air model re-proposed with a green structure made up of eco-sustainable fabrics and padding. With this product we begin a journey on the theme of environmental sustainability in a serious and professional way, fully adhering to Greenbow, the group's sustainable agenda. This collaboration allows us to evolve our concept of Designwear that we have applied to our collections and now we are taking it to the next level that we like to define as Greenwear ”, declared Michele De Marchi CEO of Ditre Italia.