In the context of the 7th edition of Altare Vetro Arte, the exhibition Doppie Assenze – Dobles Ausencias curated by Mariateresa Chirico presents works by the Argentine artist Silvia Levenson, known on an international level for her installations made mostly with glass.


Silvia Levenson, an artist from Buenos Aires who lives at Lago Maggiore and in Argentina, expresses herself with glass, approaching very timely themes connected with contemporary reality.

Her creations always take their cue from everyday life, starting with personal considerations, and moving towards general reflections on the history of Argentina and the meaning of existence in contemporary society.

Levenson shows objects of everyday life, banal, apparently pleasant, that take on metaphorical and ironic value that makes them disconcerting and destabilizing.


In this philosophy, the title takes on a double meaning: the Dual Absence is the one experienced by the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo – the grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo – who have lost their daughters and grandchildren, but it is also the absence of today’s migrants, the existential difficulty of those who do not feel they belong in their country of origin or in the country to which they flee.


The exhibition is held at the Museo dell’Arte Vetraria Altarese, which has become a reference point for designers, artists, master glassmakers and curious visitors who share a passion for the world of glass.