Exposynergyannounces the second edition of the international design prize on the theme of hospitality, for projects in the hotel sector and other hospitality areas. The 2013 edition of “d.prize – Exposynergy premia il design” focuses on creativity and design in hotels and other facilities, and seeks projects that reflect the spirit of contemporary hospitality. The contest is open to designers of international works of interior design, outdoor or temporary installations, in hotels or non-hotel structures in different categories. The winner of the Interior Design section will receive 7000 euros. Chairman of the Jury: Luca Scacchetti; jury: Réda Amalou, Isacco Brioschi, Armando Bruno,Titi Casati, Elena David, Hildegard, Pietro Martini, Andrea Montinari, Guido Polito. www.exposynergy.it.