The first Design Holding D Studio opens in Copenhagen: all the brands of the group (B&B Italia, Maxalto, Azucena, Arclinea, Flos and Louis Poulsen) – in synergy – under one roof. A format that will soon be replicated in Milan and New York

Design Holding inaugurates its first space, D Studio, a new concept of retail spaces that simultaneously presents all the brands of the B&B Italia group, B&B Italia, Maxalto, Azucena, Arclinea, Flos and Louis Poulsen. Italian reference realities, plus a Danish one, find themselves within a peculiar, prestigious and at the same time convivial architectural context, to give life to a new experience, multibrand and multicultural, synergistic and hybrid than to the complete proposal of high-end furnishings range, able to furnish all rooms of the house, supports the professionals with a consultancy and design service.

D Studio was born with the intention of creating collaborations and connections: a special destination in the world of design, for professionals but also for design lover. For the first time, prestigious brands of contemporary furniture and lighting come together in an innovative setting, a place where design can be approached, touched, celebrated and purchased. All under one roof.

With its status as a world-renowned design capital, Copenhagen hosts an innovative retail concept in a prestigious context, among the historic buildings of Holmen, an area with a high creative density, which is rapidly transforming into an exclusive residential area. A format strongly desired by the group that will be replicated in many other countries around the world. The next openings are scheduled for autumn in Milan and New York.

A single space of 1760 square meters allows visitors to discover all the compositional possibilities that these brands, each with its own distinctive features, offer. From the furnishings of B&B Italia, emblem of the history of contemporary design, to the modern classic collections of Maxalto up to the high-end kitchens signed by Arclinea, to the lighting of Flos, a visionary reality famous for the unmistakable creations of the masters of design, to whom combines cutting-edge solutions, and by Louis Poulsen, an iconic Danish brand with timeless elegance.

Design Holding has collaborated with the Design Group Italia studio to transform its vision into an unprecedented retail destination. Thanks to the detailed design of the space dedicated to each brand, cult furnishings of made in Italy design appear here under a new light, the one that filters through the (cultured) Scandinavian lens. The propensity for craftsmanship and material choices return familiar and comfortable environments, liveable and achievable.

Multiple brands will be presented to multiple audiences: from private customers to professional and contract clients, from home to hotel. An interactive experience within the store will merge physical with digital, allowing for inspiration, perusal, design, discovery and beyond.

D Studio provides an innovative space allowing for easy movement between physical and digital retail for private or contract clients. ‘Phygital’ customer experience elements are integrated throughout the spaces with the aim of supporting customers in selecting and perfecting their product or entire project. Going far and beyond the standard digital offering based on screen technology; from idealization, to selection, to finalization - the D Studio experience is seamless.