The challenge is to design a new electric bicycle. Participants are asked to express their creativity in innovative projects for electrically powered bicycles and photovoltaic stations for parking and recharging. Total prize money amounts to 7000 euros (4000 for best project, 2000 for second place, 1000 for third place). The competition is organized by Solsonica, the major Italian manufacturer of photovoltaic solutions, cells and modules, and a leader in advanced research and development of innovative processes and products to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic systems, and by the Consortium of the Milan Polytechnic. The competition is supported by ADI – the Italian Association for Industrial Design – and the guidelines have been developed in keeping with international standards. The goal is to select innovative and functional projects that take advantage of the potential of photovoltaic electrical energy for a sustainable bicycle, approaching the new challenges of optimization of energy use.