The Lunette pavilion by Federico Babina and the docufilm Openings by Francesca Molteni and Mattia Colombo, explore the theme of the doorway in architecture and celebrate the first 40 years of Edilpiù's history

That Romagna is not just a physical-geographical entity but a state of mind, a dimension of the heart that predisposes to welcome and sympathy; that these values ​​are in the DNA of this land and its people and are handed down from father to son, is anticipated in the meeting with Gian Paolo Bacchini, founder 40 years ago of Edilpiù in Lugo di Romagna (Ravenna), and with his children Marcello and Antonio.

On the 40th anniversary of its foundation, Edilpiù presented Openings, a cultural and artistic project dedicated to the discovery of one of the themes dear to the company, the concept of doorway, openness and the relationship between inside and outside. Not just a celebration of the past, but a tracing of the path to the future.

“We wanted to create a non-self-referential project to embrace a wider audience in addition to that of the sector, which was a generator of consciousness, stories and culture. In this way, thanks to Openings, storytelling, documentation, art and architecture can be combined in the celebration of an entrepreneurial history path linked to tradition, territory and innovation ”, says Marcello Bacchini.

In the historic center of the Romagna city, in the garden at the foot of the Rocca Estense, Lunette was inaugurated on Thursday 17 June, an installation resulting from the creativity of the Italian architect and illustrator based in Barcelona Federico Babina, which explores the concept of the window, starting from a broader reflection on architecture and the elements that compose it: "Windows are the eyes of architecture", explains Babina who invites, through the articulated openings of Lunette, "to look at living with a different gaze, to browse inside the installation, as often happens in city walks, to peek into domestic interiors, to rethink the window as a frame capable of delimiting and emphasizing the stories and landscapes that surround it. "

On the same evening, “Openings. Looks beyond the limit”, the documentary film directed by the director and design curator Francesca Molteni and Mattia Colombo and produced by Edilpiù.

"Openings explores the world of architectural elements that embody the concept of doorway, openness and the relationship between inside and outside, through the voices of Italian and international architects, but also by listening to those who speak the language of music, sport, art, of the territory. Tackling the theme of the threshold, in immaterial, almost spiritual terms, the film investigates the close relationship between art and life, between necessity and creative effort, between philosophy and civil thought ”, explains Francesca Molteni.


Along the Via Emilia, the geographical doorway par excellence, a journey made up of stops, crossings, wanderings. Among the guides, the sportsmen Davide Cassani and Andrea Stella, the photographer Guido Guidi, Rossella Miccio president of Emergency, Raoul Casadei, the instructor who made Romagna a real "state of mind". And again, the architects Alvaro SizaCino Zucchi and Alfonso Femia.

A journey along one of the oldest roads in the world, a very long threshold between two shores of the same region, for a choral film, the result of reflections and contemplations, capable of offering the viewer the cues to recognize the next times he will find himself on the threshold , the infinite possibilities hidden behind such a small portion of space.

On 19 July, again in Lugo, in the space once dedicated to the weekly market, the docufilm by Francesca Molteni and Mattia Colombo will be the protagonist of an evening of the Ravenna Festival dedicated to solidarity. The screening will be anticipated by the intervention of some of the protagonists of the Openings project moderated by Giorgio Tartaro and will fully investigate the theme of the threshold embracing architecture, music, sport, art and territory.