In the Cloisters of Sant’Eustorgio, 100 shots by Elliott Erwitt tell a glimpse of the history and customs of the twentieth century seen through the unmistakable ironic and at the same time poetic, funny and intense gaze of the American photographer

With the exhibition Elliott Erwitt. 100 photographs curated by Biba Giacchetti, the Diocesan Museum of Carlo Maria Martini in Milan , in the evocative spaces of Cloisters of Sant'Eustorgio until 16 October 2022, celebrates one of the the most important photographers of the twentieth century through a selection of 100 shots, from the most iconic ones in black and white to those, less known, in colors that Erwitt had decided to use for his editorial, institutional and advertising works: from politics to society, from architecture to cinema to fashion.

Realized in close collaboration with Elliott, like every project that concerns him, the exhibition alternates ironic and surreal photographs (and visions) with romantic images, portraits of celebrities, children and dogs shots that immortalize travel and metropolis.

The photographer of human comedy

The exhibition itinerary set up in one of the ancient monumental complexes of Milan retraces the entire career of the ' American author born in 1928 and offers a glimpse history and customs of the twentieth century, through its typical - unmistakable - irony pervaded by a surreal vein, between lightness and depth, apparently insignificant, ambiguous or absurd everyday situations, which identified as the photographer of human comedy.

Shots that have registered in the collective imagination

Erwitt's lens has often captured moments and situations that have entered the collective imagination as true icons. This is the case of the shot with Nixon and Khrushchev in Moscow in 1959, so effective that the staff of the President of the United States appropriated it to make a weapon in his electoral campaign or the tragic and poignant image of Jackie Kennedy in tears behind the black veil during her husband's funeral.

A great portraitist, Erwitt has immortalized numerous personalities that have characterized the history of the twentieth century, from the fathers of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro and Ernesto Che Guevara, in a rare smiling expression, to the American presidents he has photographed from the 1950s to today.

In this gallery of characters, a particular corner is reserved for Marilyn Monroe, perhaps the most photographed movie star of all time, captured both in private and intimate moments, both in moments of pause on film sets; of her, Erwitt admired, more than her beauty, the ability to flirt with the lens, which made the possibility of missing the shot remote.

Children and dogs

One of the recurring themes in Erwitt's career is that of children: soothing images in which the little ones are caught in their joy, like the little girl from Puerto Rico or the Irish boys photographed for a tourism promotion campaign. These shots are flanked by those dedicated to animals, in particular to dogs, taken in funny poses most of the time or that recall an anthropomorphic attitude imitation of man.

The romantic spirit...

The exhibition itinerary, organized by the Diocesan Museum in collaboration with SudEst57, under the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, sponsor Crédit Agricole, also includes images that reveal Erwitt's romantic spirit, like the loving couple embracing in the place du Trocadéro in front of the Eiffel Tower on a rainy day, while the silhouette of a man jumps over a puddle.

... and that of the traveler

A great traveler, Elliott Erwitt finally documented the societies and events of the common people of the countries he visited as a photojournalist , from France to Spain, from Italy to Poland, from Japan to Russia, up to the numerous glimpses of life in the American metropolises.

Evening summer openings

Also this year” says Nadia Righi , director of the Diocesan Museum Carlo Maria Martini in Milan the Diocesan Museum proposes a photography exhibition for the summer period, opening up to the city also in the evening and offering various cultural activities in the pleasant space of the cloister”.

From 18 July to 5 September the exhibition can only be visited in evening hours (6-10 pm with 10 euro aperitif + exhibition formula). Summer closure 8-22 August 2022.

A curious look capable of bringing new reflections

“The rooms of the museum” continues Nadia Righi “welcome an important retrospective dedicated to Elliott Erwitt, one of the most extraordinary photographers, still alive. Many are the themes touched by Erwitt during his long career: the portraits of important personalities from the world of politics or entertainment, the great facts of history, children, travel reports, but also your family. He always looks at reality, from the best known to the most intimate and personal, with a curious look, sometimes with a subtle and delicate irony that makes his shots always fascinating and capable of bringing new reflections”.