To accurately identify the color of any surface, material or fabric, to combine it with a unique, precise code, is of fundamental importance for anyone working in the sectors of fashion, furnishings, decor, graphics, design.

Pantone, the company of X-Rite quoted on the Nasdaq, a world leader in the supply of professional color standards, has presented Capsure, a tool that precisely identifies colors. “The innovative image-capture technology sets a new standard for precision and versatility in a portable device”, says Giovanni Marra, director of corporate marketing of Pantone. “The true power of Capsure is its capacity to measure the color of any surface, including very small patterns with different motifs, whose complexity confuses other measurement tools. Capsure then assigns the corresponding parameters of the over 8000 Pantone colors”. Technically, the device uses image-capture technology at three angles to eliminate shadows and interferences. The surface is lit and measured from three different directions, capturing 27 color images in 1.6 seconds. The tool can extract up to four dominant colors for clear identification. Capsure also supplies the correlated lighter, darker or similar colors with respect to the tones identified. The device has a 1.75-inch color screen for real time previewing. It can store up to 100 color measurements in memory for future use, with optional voice memos. It is loaded with the entire Pantone Color Library, permitting identification of over one thousand colors with a single device, and their combinations on any material or surface. The Pantone Capsure software includes modules for architecture, publishing, textiles and multimedia