Jean Nouvel, for the first time, creates a work for Milan: the exteriors and interior layout of the space of the former Excelsior cinema on Galleria del Corso, transforming this historic movie theater first opened in 1928 into a very new concept space for shopping. The space will be characterized by an architectural image that restores perception of the original full-height volume of the movie theater. The relationship between the old and the new will be marked by a play of reflections: the internal surface will be clad in a reflecting material that will mirror dynamic, moving images, giving rise to an intriguing, kaleidoscopic space. The material will also enclose the seven levels of the project, separated at the center of the volume. For the artistic direction of this project Stefano Beraldo, CEO of Gruppo Coin, has decided to work with an extraordinary team of buyer consultants, for research and selection, reporting to Antonia, the prestigious multibrand boutique based in Milan.