The guidelines have been issued for the new exhibition of the historical collection of the most important Italian design award. The competition, in two phases, will select the best exhibit design for the show in the new ADI facility that will open in 2015. The space, with an area of about 600 m2 inside a new headquarters that will be opened in Milan in the area between Via Bramante and Via Ceresio, is destined to become an international design reference point. Visitors will be able to see hundreds of products, representing the best of 60 years of Italian design, gathered according to a unique outlook: the opinions of contemporaries. The competition happens in two phases: the presentation of general concepts will be examined by the jury – composed of representatives of ADI, professional associations and well-known designers – and three ideas will be chosen, to be developed in greater detail. The winner will be commissioned to make the installation. The competition is organized by ADI with the City of Milan and the support of the Architects’ Association of the Province of Milan, the Regional Board of the Lombard Architects’ Associations, and the Design Associations AIAP, AIPI and IDEA. The contest is open to individual designers residing in Italy and groups in which at least one member is an Italian resident. Participants should be registered Architects or Engineers, or members of ADI, AIAP, AIPI, IDEA.