Nanda Vigo is the protagonist of the second edition of La Statale Arte, the project that opens the university to contemporary art, hosting solos shows by Italian and foreign artists, in a site-specific dialogue with the striking historical architecture of the 17th-century spaces of the central facility on Via Festa del Perdono.

Exoteric Gate is an impressive light project composed of nine separate elements (eight pyramids of different heights and a central cylinder) that will be on view from 14 December to 11 March 2017 at the center of the courtyard of Ca’ Granda.

Exoteric Gate is a strong sensory experience where light in motion defines a new space-time dimension, an installation that sums up decades of the artist’s research on indirect light filtered by reflecting and refracting materials – printed glass, steel, mirrors – to generate mutable impressions that expand the concepts of space and time.

Foto di Laura Ragazzola