Expo Milano 2015 organizes the International Ideas Competition Service Architecture: principles of sustainability for temporary architecture, calling on architects and creative talents from all over the world to responsibly interpret the theme of the Expo Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life, through the design of gathering places for visitors and participants in this major event. The competition will collect ideas and design stimuli for the 67,000 m2 of areas that will host restaurants, commercial activities and services for visitors and participants, leading to preliminary and definitive design phases. Three different types of buildings are covered from the wide offering of services for visitors called for in the masterplan of Expo Milano 2015, imagined as a large, extraordinary shared space, a meeting place for exchange of knowledge and experiences. Entries should describe an overall strategy for all the service architecture, exploring in depth a proposal for a large building and for its adjacent public areas, for a medium-sized building and a small structure to be used as an info point. All the buildings should be conceived as temporary structures, utilized only during the period of the event (1 May – 31 October 2015), and then dismantled for reutilization or recycling. www.architetturediservizio.expo2015.org.