From the first book by The Milaneser to the history of bitcoin comics at MEET: a small themed program for the event dedicated to books and literature

Bookcity Milano 2023 begins on Monday 13 November and continues until the 19th with an infinite program that you can find in the event's extensive agenda.

There really is something for all tastes: this year the guide also offers thematic collections and, in any case, you will have to equip yourself with the gift of ubiquity to be able to follow even just a part of them.

Here we have collected the events and meetings intended for design lovers.

Bookcity at the ADI Design Museum, in Piazza Compasso d'Oro

We start with the masters of design.

Thursday 16th at 4.30pm Massimo Giacon talks about his book Ettore Sottsass and the mystery of objects. A student of the designer, Giacon managed to build a volume in which there is certainly talk of design, but also of a great friendship, of the relationship between pupil and master, in the cross-section of an era in which design was confronted with radical thought.

But the ADI Bookcity doesn't end here: Living and inhabiting today's cities, on November 18th at 3.30 pm, with Silvia Botti is an appointment to discuss gentrification and sustainability in Milan. Plus: Greg Hoffmann, reflects on the driving role of design for innovation with Tommaso Corà, Lucilla Fazio and Luca Sacchi.

Also at ADI, we discuss industry and utopia with Giuseppe Lupo, the transformation of places symbolizing progress due to the global crisis in the images of Manuel Cicchetti. And even creativity with Anna Maria Testa, logistics with Cesare Alemanni, "gaseous modernity" with Francesco Morace, the evolution of beauty with Pierdomenico Baccalario and Chiara Alessi. Of wooden artefacts with David Dolcini. It talks about the reinforced concrete of building speculation and that of the dams of hydroelectric basins. Finally, at ADI you can also meet those who plan crimes and investigations, or rather the novels that tell them, such as Marina Di Guardo, Bruno Morchio, Antonio Paolacci, Paola Ronco.

Bookcity at MEET, Viale Vittorio Veneto 2

Obviously at MEET the program dedicated to Bookcity has an eclectic focus on digital culture.

Thursday 16 November at 6.00 pm we'll talk about social grammarwith the most followed sociolinguist on the web Vera Gheno, and her book The Antidote.

Friday 17 November at 6.00pm we will now talk about AI with The Economy of ChatGPT by Stefano da Empoli, and Checkmate with the AIof Thomas H. Davenport.

We continue to talk about digital culture on Friday with Davide Piacenza and Raffaele Alberto Ventura and their latest two titles: The Correction of the World and The Rule of the Game.

Grand finale on Sunday with Byzantine generals, Japanese landscapes and Totò. The authors Alessandro Panconesi, Diego Cajelli and Andrea Scoppetta give us The Vision of Satoshi, a comic about Japanese peach trees, talking foxes and raccoons, Byzantine generals and young computer scientists, with the extraordinary participation of the Prince of Byzantium (and of laughter), whose identity - unlike that of Satoshi - is well known. A typical Comics&Science event, where you can't miss the appointment with the poorly drawn comics of Davide La Rosa and the irresistible humor of Walter Leoni.

Boocity at BiM - Bicocca meets Milan

Bookcity will open at BiM on Thursday 16 November with the presentation of the first book of The Milaneser, the widespread project that brings together dozens of artists to tell the story of Milan through the covers of a magazine that does not exist. The city we are becoming is the title of the first choral volume of views and stories dedicated to the city of Milan which collects 137 images and contains unpublished contributions by Chiara Alessi, Gianni Biondillo, Giovanna Castiglioni, Luca Misculin and Davide Oldani.

Immediately after the performance hosted in the spaces of SPECIFIC by Fermacampione, an editorial project dedicated to the archive materials of contemporary artists and designers, conceived by the designer and researcher Mida Fiore, who on the occasion of BookCity presents the issue #8 Night Night by Andrea Bocca, interpreting the theme of the 12th edition of the festival dedicated to "The time of the dream".
For the launch event of Fermacampione #8 the SPECIFIC space will be transformed into a dreamscape to host a performance during which the ten stories featured in the new issue will be read to the public. As in a sound score, the performers' voices will alternate one after the other, animating the installations present in the space and giving life to the atmospheres of Fermacampione's stories just before night falls.

Bookcity for designlovers around the city

On November 16th from 6.30pm to 9pm Park Associati hosts Cartha, an editorial platform for critical discussion on architecture and society through online essays, events and paper publications. The talk focused on their hybrid approach to publishing will be accompanied by an installation. There will be Rubén Valdez (Cartha), Guido Tesio (ganko), Luigi Savio (ab)Normal, Parasite 2.0.

On Friday 18 November at 7.00 pm at the Triennale di Milano the catalog of the 23rd International Exhibition of Triennale Milano, published by Electa, will be presented. Guests of honor were the philosopher Emanuele Coccia who edited the catalogue, Ersilia Vaudo who was entrusted with the direction of the last Triennale and Maria Grazia Quaroni of the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain.

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