From marble and stone-effect ceramic slabs to small, hyper-decorative glazed formats with a brilliant finish: a selection of the most interesting proposals to discover from 25 to 29 September at Bologna Fiere

If the reproduction of natural stones remains a protagonist, at Cersaie 2023 , scheduled from 25 to 29 September at Bologna Fiere, there is a return to ceramics which shows itself in all its beauty and expressive power.

“The small format, the enamel, the colour is back”, says designer Diego Grandi. “In line with furnishing trends, there is also a desire for decoration in the ceramic sector. We play on glossy and opaque, joints also in contrast, chromatic experiments, different formats, metallic finishes. From a flat element, the tile becomes a three-dimensional decoration."

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From the slabs that reflect the veins and iridescence of the marble throughout the ceramic body, making the effect even more realistic, to the porcelain stoneware that emulates the brilliance of the mahogany of luxurious yachts , at Cersaie 2023, the highly anticipated forty edition, ceramic confirms itself as the most chameleonic and durable material, which seduces architects and designers for its ductility and versatility.

A transformist covering that changes clothes to tell a different story each time.

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3D Wall Plaster by Atlas Concorde

Hall. 30, stand C4/D5 - C3

Like a wall sculpted in plaster: it's 3D Wall Plaster, one of the new features of Atlas Concorde on display at Cersaie 2023. A monoporous covering inspired by the artists who have worked with plaster and their tools over the centuries.

Three-dimensional surfaces, all to be touched, where the purity of white plays with the light and returns a vibrant perception of the covering.

The five patterns trace the artistic tradition of the master sculptors and their techniques; like Bloom, a soft and delicate relief that lets the traces of the brush bristles and the texture of the canvas emerge.

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Dinamika Marble Edition by Del Conca

Hall. 37, stand A4-B3

stone-effect ceramic still has a lot to tell. Dinamika Marble Edition by Del Conca, the collection that reproduces the three-dimensionality, textures and textures of marble freshly extracted from the quarry.

Four lithic varieties interpreted: Onyx Green, Invisible Grey, Van Gogh White and Breccia Capraia, an Italian Apuan-Versilia marble loved for its precious polychrome veins on a white background.

The collection is completed with three decorated backgrounds that recall mosaic floors, portions of marble and sails inflated by the wind. The Dinamika technology allows you to create a porcelain stoneware surface in a single phase, so as to perfectly match the graphics and structure. The hyper-realistic effect is guaranteed.

Miniatures by Marca Corona

Hall. 37, stand C76-D75

Alongside marble and stone effects, another trend at Cersaie 2023 is represented by small formats with an artisanal flavour.

An example is the Miniature line by Marca Corona, company founded in 1741, the most historic in the Sassuolo ceramic district.

Miniature is a collection of rectangular mini-elements in the 6x24 centimeter format, which draws from the memory of workshops and artistic professions. There are five collections: Miniature Frigio which recalls Mediterranean majolica, Miniature Fuoco which emulates the flashes and luminescence of metals oxidised by time, Miniature Soda which incorporates the iridescent colors of colored glass, Miniature Cera the palette of dense and satin pigments of waxes that melt to the touch, Miniature Fornace the charm of brick, bringing to light also the brick, the typical London brick of the first industrial revolution, with the characteristic hollow that makes the block light, easy to handle and stable.

Elysian Travertines by Mirage

Hall. 25, stand A266-B267

The Romans used it to build bridges, aqueducts, amphitheatres, baths and symbolic buildings such as the Colosseum and the Teatro Marcello. And it is by looking at this limestone rock - travertine - that Mirage presents the Elysian porcelain stoneware Travertini, with relief workmanship, shades and depth that reproduce the beauty of stone in nature.

There are four shades ranging from the pearly white-grey of Pearly to the luminous beige of Light, from the warm gray of Misty to the dark gray of >Dark.

Two textures take from the typical cut of stone slabs: Vein Cut style, which refers to the longitudinal veins of the stone blocks, and Cross Cut Style with the ever-changing cloudy shades of travertine ; Rustic Cross completes the collection, with a rustic look designed for outdoors.

Windy by Decoratori Bassanesi

Hall. 26, stand A266

Oki Sato, at the helm of the Nendo studio, gives us another of his 'poems', which we can already include among the most interesting novelties of Cersaie 2023. It is Windy by Decoratori Bassanesi, a ceramic square measuring 18.5x18.5 centimeters that seems marked by the wind, with the ripples and swirls left by the breeze on the water or on endless rice paddies and expanses of grass.

The traces of the wind are made thanks to small grooves on the unglazed porcelain stoneware engraved with chisels, tips and drills, grooves that create different shadows and depths.

The surface is not enamelled afterwards, but the colors are melted directly into the clay to keep the reliefs alive and prolong the durability of the artefact.

The collection is made up of four different graphics that can be combined with each other and in as many different neutral tones, i.e. rice white, almond beige, Dolomite gray and black pepper.

Side Stone by Lea Ceramiche

Hall. 30, stand A28-B27

With the new Side Stone collection, Lea Ceramiche explores the expressive potential of the Gré strain, a sedimentary rock extracted in the quarry overlooking Lake Iseo, a lithic variety protagonist of twentieth-century Milanese construction rediscovered by architects of the last twenty years.

This stone stands out for the rich heterogeneity of its composition, made up of clasts with variable characteristics and dimensions.

With Side Stone, Lea Ceramiche also enhances the native version, the unworked quarry stone, in which the macro-inclusions appear homogeneous, as if permeated by limestone cementation.

To this variant, called Hidden, the brand adds Cluster, which is more decorative, with clasts and chromaticisms that emerge from the inclusions; two different interpretations of the Gré strain that can be combined to create original compositions with a strong visual impact. Side Stone integrates porcelain stoneware, Slimtech laminated stoneware and thickened stoneware in a single collection, and is the brand's first SafeTouch line, a soft surface, free of roughness, non-slip, easy to clean and sanitize.

Poetry Colors by ABK

Hall. 29, stand B60-C59

'Wet effect' surfaces, watercolor and glossy shades that recall handmade majolica, irregular and therefore unique. It's Poetry Colors, the new chapter of Poetry House, the collaboration between ABK and Studio Otto-Paola Navone.

A monoporous one in two mini sizes - 10x10 and 7.5x15 centimeters - to be placed on the wall to cover, for example, kitchen splashbacks, showers and bathrooms, domestic exteriors or, why not, to transform shops and restaurants with a touch of atmosphere Mediterranean.

Six evocative nuances of nature and travels in the South of the world so loved by Paola Navone: the blue of the ocean depths, the turquoise of tropical waters, the relaxing sage, the shine of pearl, the elegance intriguing smoke and spicy blush.

Glim by Fap Ceramiche

Hall. 37, stand C40-D39

Also bet on the brick with a brilliant finish Fap Ceramiche with Glim, a collection in the 6x24 centimeter format that revives the charm of small handcrafted glazed ceramics, enhancing the beauty of imperfection.

There are ten nuances, from the neutral ice, ivory, beige and dove gray to the dusty and natural sage, up to the mottled and sensual heart red and the saturated petrol, navy blue, smoky gray and slate.

Color proposals to combine with four mosaics and the terrazzo effect floor with matt finish. A collection to reinvent niches and forgotten and anonymous corners, to emphasize architectural elements such as columns and walls, and to give life to dynamic walls, rich in facets that visually amplify the space .

Hexa by Ceramica Bardelli

Hall. 30, stand A58-B57

The new Hexa collection by Ceramica Bardelli is a chromatic explosion. A hexagonal tile with a strong decorative power, a monoporous one with a glossy finish, in the smooth or diamond version, which recalls the decorations of the London and Parisian subways of the early twentieth century, here revisited in a pop key.

The tile, with a uniform color, deep to the eye, reflects brightness and changes appearance based on how it is caressed by daylight, creating a play of reflections and shades. Six colours, to be combined or laid out in large, spectacular uniform backgrounds.

Namibia by Ceramiche Refin

Hall. 30, stand C28-D27

It is inspired by the Namibian desert, one of the oldest in the world, a UNESCO heritage site, Namib by Ceramiche Refin.

A uniform surface, rich in details and chromatic variations, where the alternation of light and dark streaks, together with the calibrated differences in grain and color, gives a delicate effect of depth and movement.

The warm and neutral nuances, from ecru to camel, recall the immense desert expanses, even in the new Matt-pro matt finish that is soft to the touch. Four formats, two square and two rectangular, from 120x120 to 30x60 centimetres.

Three decorations: Illusion and Oasis, which with their sinuous irregular bands recall the dunes and mirages of the desert, and Gem, a chest of drawers effect decoration in the nuance of blue, an intense sky blue that can only be admired in Namibia.

Timeless by Casalgrande Padana

Hall. 29, stand B46-C45

Concrete-effect ceramic returns as the protagonist with Timeless, the new product from Casalgrande Padana. A glaze-free porcelain stoneware, homogeneous, with the soft spatula strokes and light clouding typical of cement.

The surface can be with a natural, smooth and bush-hammered finish, the colors are neutral, from ice to dove grey, in the three sizes 30x60, 60x60 and 60x120 centimetres, to cover both walls and floors, inside and out, in a material, chromatic and stylistics between in&outdoor.

Balance by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

Hall. 26, stand A188-B189

Neutral and bright palettes, soft and velvety surfaces for balanced and harmonious interiors. It is Balance by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, a series in porcelain stoneware in plain colour, inspired by the principles of chromotherapy, designed to introduce chromatic breaks in particularly intense spaces, such as marble and stone effect walls and floors.

The slightly structured surface shape welcomes the light, giving shape to a homogeneous, visually enveloping and naturally brilliant product.

Fourteen colours, from ocher to nude to the warmest Marsala red, evocative of clay minerals. Available in the 120x120, 120x60, 60x60 centimeter formats, on the occasion of Cersaie 2023 the collection is enriched with the large 120x270 centimeter slab in a selection of eight colours.

Vitra Tiles

Hall. 36, stand A24-B27

The cement, with a rough and raw texture, blends with the smoother and more continuous coating, that is, the resin: it is Resincrete, the novelty of Vitra Tiles which intercepts interior trends and the new way of personalizing home interiors, combining materials, patterns and finishes in harmonious contrast, in an original and highly personal mix&match.

Resincrete tiles are based on natural pigments and oxides, the surfaces are characterized by a casting similar to an epoxy resin, to be combined with microcement, the classic beauty of terrazzo and Palladian textures.