From pink and mint bathroom fixtures to ocean blue shower trays, the colorful bathroom is on show at Bologna Fiere

Get ready for a dive into color. Why the bathroom on display at Cersaie 2023, from 25 on September 29th at Bologna Fiere, it is a vibrant and seductive chromatic explosion.

From delicate pinks, mauve and mint to intense and reassuring ocean blues, forest greens and pine, from matt finishes to brilliant enamels, the bathroom is tinged with trendy palettes. Nothing is left to chance, and even the most technical elements, such as hinges and handles, wear precious finishes, such as gold, platinum, brass and copper.

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“From an outcast place, in the last two decades the bathroom has become a refined space, to be customized with coordinated solutions, designed by architects and produced by the best companies”, says Piero Lissoni .

Every element is rethought: the showers, which were previously 70x70 centimeter ceramic tiles, are transformed into realms of wellness, with large glass boxes, large surfaces, flush-mounted floors.

The architectural language changes and consequently the design of bathroom solutions evolves and becomes sophisticated. The washbasins, once anonymous, are now sculptures, with complex shapes and a resistance that was unthinkable in the past. With tap companies we are trying to use less and less water in a better way, we have made siphons more functional, efficient and invisible, and lights are no longer lamps casual, but designed to illuminate the bathroom”.

From a purely functional service room, the bathroom is transformed into a coordinated and coherent project, an environment to be experienced and displayed, where you can indulge in time for yourself, for the care of your body and mind. The place where everything begins, starting with the regenerating shower in the morning, surrounded by beauty and colour.

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Lunaris by Alice Ceramica

Hall. 21, stand A15-B10

“The charm and mystery of the passage of time between waxing and full moons gave shape to my creative intuition”. Thus, Manuel Di Giacobbe, art director of Alice Ceramica, talks about Lunaris, the collection that is inspired by the enigmatic beauty of the Moon.

A family composed of ceramic washbasins, stainless steel structures and a circular mirror, accompanied by two "satellites" of 20 centimeters in diameter that move along the upper and lower crescent of the mirror, with the possibility of get closer to each other, on one side the LED light, on the other the concave zoom mirror ideal for make-up.

The peculiarity of the sink is the sinuous semicircular basin which is inscribed in the support surface in the shape of a parallelepiped with beveled edges. Many colors and finishes, from matt white, black, pink and mauve, to glossy myrtle, pine and honey, up to the Materia decal and the precious platinum and gold metallic finishes.

Like all Alice Ceramica collections, Lunaris is also protected with the Aliglaze+ antibacterial enamel with silver, titanium and zinc ions.

Itlas Bathroom Project

Hall. 21, stand A39-B38

Eyes on me. Sculptural, precious and colourful, the sink is the undisputed king of the bathroom. Like Dot Luce di Carrara Collection by Itlas, the washbasin integrated monolithic with a hypnotic marble finish, part of the Bathroom Project of the Cordignano company, led by Patrizio Dei Tos.

A line that is enriched with Isola Light, a bathroom furnishing system made up of an adjustable container in anodized aluminum and transparent or smoked glass, covered in wood, an ever-present raw material in the creations of the Venetian brand; a modular collection that can be customized in every detail, with marble, stoneware or synthetic tops.

Devon&Devon Metro

Hall. 29, stand C28

Retro charm and Art Déco inspiration for the Metropolitan washbasin cabinet by Devon&Devon. The solid geometry, the stepped profile and the tight succession of the slats recall large and small masterpieces of the twenties and thirties, such as the Crevoladossola hydroelectric power station by Pietro Portaluppi with its large façade punctuated by lozenges of ashlar, Villa Cavrois by Robert Mallet-Stevens, in Northern France, with its plastic and linear volumes with rigorous symmetries, and the molded and grooved surfaces of Harold Van Doren's Skyscraper radio from 1936.

Metropolitan is a protagonist washbasin cabinet, with brass or lacquered wood slats, top in white Carrara marble, absolute black granite, Calacatta Borghini or black marquinha, or in white ceramic.

AppLight by Flaminia

Hall. 30, stand B28-C27

The display of Flaminia is a dive into colour, an invitation to sweep away the greyness from the environments domestic and, consequently, also from life.

From the neutral tones of milk and charcoal to the new nuances of grape and mint, the Flaminia collection is an exploration of rich colors and full tones to reinvent the bathroom, transforming it into the room protagonist of the house, no longer an environment to be hidden, but to be shown with a pinch of pride.

The AppLight line of washbasins, part of the App collection, is completed with two new models: the 120 centimeter washbasin with double basin and a reversible hand washbasin, both with tap surface and double installation, free-standing and suspended.

With clean lines and marked volumes, the AppLight washbasins are visually lightened thanks to their thin edges, they are available in four sizes and three depths, to meet all space requirements.

Aurelia by Rubinetterie Treemme

Hall. 22, stand A10-B9

Rigorous shapes and classic lines for Aurelia, the collection of taps designed by Danilo Fedeli for Treemme taps. A family of single-lever taps, in brass in twelve finishes, from brushed rose gold to matt white, to fit into any style. P

small sculptures with shaped cylindrical surfaces that enhance the light and create an intriguing play of reflections.

Pura 5000 ColourArt by Duka

Hall. 21, stand A69-B68

The shower gets a new look and is painted in trendy colors in interior design. Like Pura 5000 ColourArt by Duka, restyling of the Pura 5000 line, which is renew with color and wear precious finishes.

Every detail, even the most technical such as hinges and handles, becomes a furnishing element, to be chosen in harmony with the mood of the bathroom.

Five finishes: matt white, matt and brushed black, brushed brass and brushed copper, with PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating which ensures resistance to abrasion, scratches and corrosion. The new ColourArt proposal is available for the Pura 5000 versions with and without profile; the wall profile is in shiny silver, while in the models without profile the side glass has silk-screen printing matching the color of the hinges and handles.

Galaxy Lola

Hall. 22, stand A124-B111

Generous volumes and soft shapes for Lola, the new sanitary ware collection by Galassia, which includes countertop or wall-hung washbasins, where the large and sculptural washbasin is visually lightened thanks to the thin thicknesses.

Galassia also focuses on chromatic exploration and offers the collection in nine colours: glossy and matt white, matt black, grey, sand, ocher, sage, purple and petrol.

Ideagroup turtleneck

Hall. 21, stand A35-B30

Wavy, sinuous surfaces that create plays of light and shadow. It is the restyling of Dolcevita, the Ideagroup family awarded with the 'ADI Ceramics & Bathroom Design Awardin 2017.

The collection is enriched with storage elements, storage drawers and new finishes, such as oak in four shades, i.e. bleached, mink, smoke, brick, in addition to natural and dark brown.

Spotlight on the freestanding washbasin Giove, with its characteristic vertical wave, made of Cristalplant, lacquered externally and, optionally, also internally, for a total immersion in color. The edge of the marble sink top, with double milling, transforms into a useful drip catcher, an aesthetic detail that becomes function, and this is why we like it.

Yoko by Ardeco

Hall. 21, stand A63-B62

There is no limit to customization. Because Yoko, the modular bathroom furniture collection by Ardeco, is available in all the brand's color variations and finishes. Designed by Enrico Cesana, Yoko borrows automotive know-how, such as the ultraslim metal sheet folded and welded, here expressed in the bathroom in a continuous, homogeneous, colored surface, just one millimeter thick.

Yoko is configurable and composable based on the space, with modules of different depths, where each element can be stacked and placed side by side, to adapt to any space.

Ibra Showers by Arbi Arredobagno

Hall. 22, stand A80-B59

The total look for the bathroom, to give life to a coherent and refined project. Arbi Arredobagno introduces Ibra Showers: shower boxes and trays, covering panels, bathtubs, radiators and coordinated accessories.

Ibra Showers includes the Icon, Firma, Lode and Best shower cabins, available in corner, wall, niche or walk-in access configurations and with different types of opening, customizable for color of the glass, from satin to transparent and silk-screened, to be combined with matching profiles and details. There is a wide choice of materials, from resin to rock effect.

The colored shower tray by Acquabella

Hall. 21, stand A87

Once anonymous and narrow, the shower has carved out its own space in the bathroom, becoming large, spectacular, coordinated in finishes and colors with the look of the bathroom fixtures and coverings. Among the new features, the shower trays and drains in chromatic and material continuity by Acquabella, in the shades purple like Burgundy and Petal, in shades of blue like the intense Ocean and the pale Sky, and in the Forest and Mint green dots.

The plus: the drainage grates are designed to better manage the flow of water, with holes that recall ancestral Neolithic circles, Moorish designs and drops of water.

Vis of Axa

Hall. 21, stand A89-B86

The opposite of everything. Why Vis, imagined by Giancarlo Angelelli for Axa, the group's brand Colavene, overturns the way of designing and producing washbasins. The shape is created as an undercut, with an organic basin that starts from being high and rounded and widens to gradually take on an ogival shape with a lower edge.

Unlike what happens with traditional washbasins, each example of Vis is modeled during the production phase by gradually removing the plaster plugs that support the walls, until the particular profile that characterizes the longitudinal section is generated and transversal.