Dall'8 al 13 maggio 2023 arriva all'ex area Expo Milano la prima edizione della Mind Innovation Week: sei giorni e cento eventi votati al confronto sull'innovazione

In Milan, from 8 to 13 May 2023, the first edition of the Mind Innovation Week, a container of reasoning, ideas, virtual and physical stories that all have one common denominator: innovation.

The week dedicated 'to the future' comes just a year after the official inauguration of the Mind Innovation District space (Milan Rho Fiera area), an area that we have been used to associating with ferment, exchange and stimulus, but which in the last year has established itself even more as a new Milanese district and avant-garde pole.

In festival format, the Mind Innovation Week will host 100 events including talks, workshops and interactive initiatives, in a schedule spread over six days, each dedicated to a different in-depth theme, such as: thinking about eco-sustainable cities, the future of health technologies, young talent and innovation, among others.

The MIND innovation Week wants to be a story of the innovation of what is happening in the world on this issue – says Domenico D'Alessio head of marketing & communications of Lendlease, international group of real estate, infrastructure and regeneration of urban areas, responsible for the private development of MIND Milano Innovation District, which presents the event in collaboration with Arexpo and all the partners of the district.

The Mind Innovation Week programme, day by day

Mind Innovation Week: program for Monday, May 8, 2023

Ecosystem Italy – The week opens with a reflection on the ecosystem of innovation and internationalization: relations with other districts in Italy and in the world. Organized by the Municipality of Milan, the Mind Innovation week opens with a meeting with the consular bodies and embassies.

This will be followed by MIND Revolution, How innovation can help us take care of our heritage, a series of meetings in collaboration with Valore Italia, which will allow us to understand how process innovation and the contribution of technologies are modifying all the components of the Culture and Art segment in particular with innovative models based on the enabling force of sharing technologies, big data and artificial intelligence.

Events organized and curated by the Municipality of Milan, Arexpo, Lendlease, Valore Italia, Triulza Foundation, Legambiente, Gellify.

Mind Innovation Week: program for Tuesday 9 May 2023

Digital and sustainable city. A reflection on the present to rethink the urban life of the future, more sustainable, resilient, inclusive and green. The day is dedicated to defining and understanding emerging trends and connections: starting with a reflection on the role of urban regeneration in the creation of sustainable and social value with Next (re)generation Discussion tables to change perspectives with the contribution of SDA Bocconi school of management.

This will be followed in the afternoon by The city of the future, between sustainability and digitization, organized in collaboration with Ambrosetti, to reason with companies on the relationship between urban regeneration, sustainable development, competitiveness and digital transformation in a smart city key. Digitization is the most important ally of the ecological transition.

How will digitization and sustainable transitions lead to an effective improvement in the quality of life and spaces? The answer will try to give the conversation between companies and experts entitled: The sustainable city For an evolution of urban space, together with ABB.

We will talk about new building materials, the Data Exchange Marketplace, the new frontiers of urban sustainability thanks to bio-technology, innovation in the world of retail and more.

The events of 9 May will be curated, organized and promoted by Lendlease, Cefriel, SDA Bocconi School of Management, PlusValue, T-Factor European Project, Polifactory, LAND, Terra Viva, Bio Fashion Tech, Nantoo, Ambrosetti, Planet Idea, ABB, Federated Innovation - Area Retail Tech, Planeat.eco, Assolombarda, Video Led 360, Woba Group (World Business Atelier), Caimi Brevetti, Nextome, Lutron, Pellini, Nuvap, Valore Italia.

Mind Innovation Week: program for Wednesday 10th 2023

Future of Health. Reflect on the new frontiers of medicine, genomics, biotechnology and clinical research. It will be a day to understand what Digital Health is and how it can be implemented in our lives.

Starting with Frontiers of Digital Health, the event that sees the players of MIND confront some of the most advanced European experiences relating to the use of data and artificial intelligence in the diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive fields , with particular attention to the relationship between personalized medicine and value-based healthcare, between technology and ethics, between regulation and experimentation, between basic research and innovation.

The conversations on the near future will look at and open up new perspectives: the foundations for new international collaborations, the Digital, Ecological and Future of Health Transition and the role of the Italian company, the meetings on the impact of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in our personal and professional lives, recreating a virtual world closely connected and close to the real one, fascinating and full of new opportunities.

Events organized by: Valore Italia, Mygrants, Federated Innovation, Farmindustria, Synlab, IRCCS Galeazzi Sant'Ambrogio, PlusValue, StratejAI, Lendlease, ELT, University of Milan, Triulza Foundation, FrancoAngeli, Arexpo, ESRI, T-Factor, Gellify , Zero

Mind Innovation Week: program for Thursday 11 May 2023

MADE in MIND – A moment of storytelling, in which the stories of innovation born within the district or being tested in MIND will be the protagonists, innovation strategies and start-up case studies comparing innovation districts around the world.

It will therefore be a day dedicated to the narration of what happens every day in MIND through the voices of the protagonists of the district, to the launch of new initiatives with The challenge of open innovation for the future.

Thursday of MIND Innovation week will offer new perspectives: reasoning together with important thinkers and visionaries of our time to understand what innovation is, how it happens and develops.

Open Future Open Culture, The next best vision, The next best you, an event organized in collaboration with Business International and curated by Carlo Antonelli Like the power of conversation, interaction and exchange with others , with the outside world - have once again become a decisive tool for change and the center of the innovation incubation process. Confirmed protagonists include names such as Nadeesha Uyangoda, Dario Fabbri, Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli, Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, Formafantasma, Dardust, Laura Margheri, Alessandro Vespignani, Daniela Billi, Stefano Gustincich, Francesca Bria and Andrea Lissoni.

The events of 9 May are organized by Arexpo, Triulza Foundation with GiGroup+Stripes+CESVI, Gellify, Enterprise Europe Network, Finlombarda, Lombardy Region, PlusValue, Triulza Foundation, Valore Italia, Confindustria Medical Devices, SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan& Partners, Lendlease, Human Technopole Foundation, Cariplo Factory, PlusValue, Bio4Dreams, ROLD, Nantoo, BioMimix, 2031, Business International, University of Milan, Assolombarda, Design Tech, Materially.

Mind Innovation Week: program for Friday 12 May 2023

Education and Talents. The new frontiers of training and education, equal opportunities for young people and women and in particular the involvement of the latter in the STEM world (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

Young people are the protagonists of the district and this day dedicated to them aims to underline all the opportunities developed or under development together with the district's partners. Friday also includes a moment of discussion with all the partners of the district to take stock of the situation on MIND and its development over the last 5 years (MIND Annual Report).

With events organized by Triulza Foundation, PlusValue, University of Milan, Mygrants, Arexpo, Lendlease, MIND Partners, NABA, One 4, Schneider Electrics, Federated Innovation, Valore Italia, ROLD.

Mind Innovation Week: program for Saturday 13 May 2023

Innovation Festival. To end the week, Saturday is open to everyone: guided tours, concerts, and workshops for young and old, a collective party dedicated to innovation, dissemination and fun, created to celebrate the first year of opening to the MIND public and the Minders, i.e. the people who populate and live in the new Milanese district which is now becoming a place for meeting and sharing for the community.

The schedule is constantly updated and evolving and can be consulted on the official website: www.mindinnovationweek.it