A lively atmosphere, animated by the large number of visitors confirmed the optimism suggested by the Tech Eden theme, chosen for the January edition of the Parisian event which this year celebrates its first 30 years

Two installations proposed by Maison&Objet which, more than the others according to us, were able to involve us thanks to their personal interpretation of the theme dedicated to a possible and desirable conciliation between nature and technology: the Outonomy project by Mathieu Lehanneur , named Designer of the year 2024 (read the article here) and the exhibition Nouveaux Mondes by Elizabeth Leriche.

A benevolent attention to the future on the part of Maison&Objet, which has reserved ample space for young people with the Rising talent awards initiatives, a celebration of the emerging talents selected at international level global, and Future on stage, but also giving the opportunity to exhibit to smaller brands.

"For this fourth edition of Rising talent awards - says Mélanie Leroy, managing director of SAFI - the number of nominations has tripled and two of the three winners are international. The response has been truly exceptional! For our part, we take into account all the elements of young businesses and place trust in a team, as an investment fund would. To ensure that the brand can express its potential and satisfy the demand that its presence at the fair will generate, we offer a real consultancy and support approach.”

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Two exhibitions suggest how to welcome nature into your home

It is a desirable future that is proposed in the different sections of Maison&Objet, a future made up of places where nature is present, not necessarily in a literal sense, but sometimes in a digital sense and, to varying degrees, mineral, lush and hybrid.

Certainly lush, the atmosphere of the Nouveaux Mondes installation by Elizabeth Leriche, one of the two What's New spaces created from the show to help understand the keys to understanding the market.

Analyzing the next interior trends, Elizabeth Leriche has created three environments in which to immerse yourself and enjoy the colours, patterns and decorations which offer suggestions, but even more, give the push to bring out the imagination necessary to imagine innovative interiors connected to nature

“The idea is to reinvent everyday life with audacity” she explained during the presentation. The forest, the seabed and the desert are the three natural environments proposed by Nouveaux Mondes created by objects made with eco-sustainable materials.

A yellow casing, as bright as the sun, catches the eye from the opposite side of pavilion 7: it is Outonomy, the project by designer Mathieu Lehanneur (Designer of the yawl 2024) for this edition of Maison&Objet.

The single-colour exterior invites you to look out the door and cross the threshold to be able, at this point, to relax in a white interior, essential but welcoming, furnished with furniture and objects designed to convey serenity.

“Outonomy is an ecosystem of life - explains the designer - minimal and optimal. The history of civilization and architecture is dotted with attempts, solutions and proposals for an isolated home: the igloo, the cabin, the hut or the yurt.

The challenge is to combine our needs with current technologies. Far from being a nostalgic idea or an attempt to return to the past, the project aims to answer the question: what do I really need?"

Technology and nature: we give voice to 4 historic companies

Pedrali, the 100% Made in Italy company that celebrated 60 years of activity in 2023, participated in the Parisian show with a stand designed by the DWA studio Design Studio which invited visitors along a path aimed at exploring the competition between human intelligence and nature in the design of the near future.

The occasion was, however, also to underline the importance of the value of the origins of this path, born with the outdoor collections and evolved to include indoor productions, in the name of the company motto #PedraliBacktoNature.

If sometimes Italian companies are not so generous in sharing the news of 2024 at this time of year (in view of the upcoming appointment with the Salone del Mobile), Wall&Decò, instead, has brought at Maison&Objet not only a new product, but a wall covering that redefines the standards of wallpaper, without compromising between sustainability, durability and beauty.

We can define d.ecodurat as an ecological PVC covering, thanks to the use of a vinyl free of virgin plastics of fossil origin,
capable of offering the same technical and aesthetic performance as the traditional one.

Outdoor and indoor meet again, as do figurative and abstract decorations, in the first Rubelli collection created under the creative direction of Formafantasma.

Focused on one of the most archetypal themes in the world of textiles, the garden, Gardens highlights the company's strengths, the richness of the decorative motifs, the extraordinary quality of the silk , the meticulous study of colors and the eclectic approach to production techniques.

The home collection, therefore, brings the garden into the home through bright colors and figurative decorations, while the outdoors becomes abstract, geometric, with elegant shades. In a measured dialogue that does not go unnoticed.

The collection brought to Paris by Talenti is a world premiere: the Ever collection designed by Christophe Pillet, which renews the collaboration between the company and the famous transalpine designer.

The value of Ever, already suggested by the name, is to challenge the passage of time and the changing trends, thanks to essential lines, cushions with soft shapes and versatile compositions, essentially evergreen furnishing elements that look to the future of 'outdoor taking advantage of the great classics of the past.

We'll tell you about 3 young brands: from Rimini, Paris and Reykjavik

The designer Coki Barbieri founded the Coki brand in 2017 after several years of study and research on materials. The result is a collection of objects created through the recovery of natural Italian stones, worked manually, dried in the sun and colored with natural pigments (always extracted in Italy, the designer is keen to underline).

The production cycle uses the energy of the sun and air to create many components of the project, thus avoiding further CO₂ emissions.

Coki Barbieri's studio and design laboratory are located on the first hills of Rimini, overlooking the Adriatic Sea and surrounded by dense spontaneous vegetation, where every little creature in the area is a constant source of inspiration.

French interior designer and architect, Nelson Fossey opened the creative studio Index Office in 2019 where he developed projects through a sensitive approach to contemporary tools and new technologies: his constant research made him leads to work with public institutions, start-ups and large groups. Among his first collaborations, the Lexon brand for which he designed the Orbe lamp which received the Red Dot Design Award in 2023.

Fólk Reykjavik is an emerging Nordic interiors and lifestyle brand created by Ragna Sara Jonsdottir, a sustainability manager, with the vision of accelerating the transition ecological through design.

The flagship product brought to Maison&Objet is the Airbag pouf-cushion, a project by Studio Flétta, which won the award in 2023 Icelandic Design Awards and in 2024 it is nominated for the international Green Product Awards.

Airbag was born from a visit to a local car parts store with the idea of creating a project with the dealership's unsold or non-reusable materials. Flétta found the airbags among the waste and, with great surprise, discovered their pastel colors and colorful embroidery, from which the cushion project spontaneously began.