In the wake of the success of the event in 2016, the Light Festival is back with encounters, conferences, exhibitions and performances, all free of charge, to help a wide range of visitors learn more about the world of science.

The concept of light, also seen as a metaphor of knowledge and intuition, is addressed in all its facets by outstanding personalities from the worlds of science and culture.


The fourth edition of Festival della Luce – Lake Como has the theme of the relationship between light and color: an inseparable bond, because the visual experience of color happens first of all in terms of perception of light.

Starting with this premise, the matter of color is analyzed in different thematic areas: physics – and optics, in particular – as well as physiology, philosophy, art history, design and fashion.


As usual, the program brings the public into contact with outstanding figures in the world of scientific research, culture and art, including: the German biophysicist Erwin Neher, Nobel Prize for Medicine; the architect Stefano Boeri; the philosopher Giulio Giorello; the art critic Philippe Daverio; the writer and architect Gianni Biondillo; the optical physicists Karel Lemr and Alessandro Farini; color designer Francesca Valan; and the writer, journalist and television writer Luca Novelli.


Once again this year, the events and encounters of the Festival happen at important historical sites, such as Palazzo del Broletto, Teatro Sociale and Collegio Gallio, but also in outdoors spaces, including Piazza Grimoldi, Villa del Grumello, Villa Olmo, Palazzo Saibene – La Gallietta, and certain neighboring zones, like Giardino della Valle in Cernobbio.

All the happenings are free of charge, but reservations are necessary: visit