A cultural space - alive - born from an urban recovery. An unprecedented format that does not exhibit - it filters - connects. In Brescia he opened Filtro, we will explain what it is

A filter allows you to see some things instead of others, to take different perspectives when looking at the same thing. To perceive in a new, often unexpected way. This is the concept, enigmatic and intriguing, which gave rise to Brescia Filtro.

Housed in the recovered industrial spaces of the former Ferro Bulloni factory in the central Piazza della Repubblica, Filtro is a lively space, open to the city from 7 to 16 October, from 10 to 22, where you can spend time in company, drink a coffee, have an aperitif but above all attend free of charge to stimulating and tantalizing cultural conversations and dialogue with personalities from the world of art, of design and of architecture.

At the base, therefore, not exposure but exchange and confrontation.

A cultural project to be viewed from different perspectives

Created by Nicola Falappi of Studio Quaranta, Filtro is not a gallery, it is not a store and it is not a club: it is a temporary dedicated to art and to design and culture in all its meanings, conceived as an anticipation of the coming year, that of Bergamo and Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023.

Through a journey of exploration and interpretation, Filtro wants to create new, tantalizing and fruitful dialogues, to generate a growth that from professional becomes personal.

A filter to see the world of art and crafts in a different way

Not a place of aggregation but of visual and sensorial regeneration: a bespoke destination with an international dimension designed for industry experts, collectors, gallery owners, journalists and enthusiasts who can meet and exchange ideas, insights and visions at Filtro creative.

Dialogue with the artist is experience

Created in collaboration with Platek, Saef, Consorzio Franciacorta and Situ, the filter format conceived by Studio Quaranta was created with Osmo, a multidisciplinary design team that developed the visual language and the declination of the concept in the physical and digital experience.

Yes, because a historical moment in which the word "experience" is on the agenda, Filter shuffles the cards on the table. Experience is the dialogue with the artist. Touching with your hand, what you see with your own eyes is experience. Try, experiment.

A square in the square

To host the temporary, a place with a post-industrial charm: the former Ferro Bulloni factory which, overlooking Piazza della Repubblica, makes it a strategic destination. In fact, Filter restores the concept of Greek agora bringing it to the present: a square in the square, a border and passage area, a cultural and commercial heart.

Guests of the talks: designers and artists

Among the guests who will participate in the talks, the creatives Davide Monaldi, Duccio Maria Gambi, Isabella Garbagnati, Fabio Frau, Martino Cappai, as well as the designer Jan Van Lierde who created the installation E -Vento for Platek, exhibited alongside the works of art by Angelo Filomeno and Veronica Gaido.

Lighting design

"The media have led us to direct visual consumption: we buy according to what we perceive from an image. Making people doubt or dream is out of the question, it seems. E-Vento is an invitation to stop and use your eyes to evoke a different frame, such as a holiday atmosphere, or a ray of sunshine that crosses the room. A suitable background for discussing what to do with one's life, in a creative situation, regardless of any external solicitation". It is from this personal reflection of Jan Van Lierde that the artistic installation E-Vento was born.

Platek also sets up a green work, housed in the greenhouse at the entrance, dedicated to Dot , the new compact product designed by lighting Belgian designer. Filter's catalyst element, however, is the suspended chandelier Hexagon , made up of as many as 30 elements for the occasion covered with a special coating, dichroic film, which dominates the main room.

Jan Van Lierde will talk with the public Thursday 13 October at 7 pm . A moment of encounter and comparison between architecture, design and product.

The personalities who will participate

The event also includes the presence of the mayors of Brescia and Bergamo Emilio del Bono and Giorgio Gori, of the architect and designer Piero Lissoni, by the photographer Maurizio Galimberti, by the artist and set designer Francesca Montinaro, by the architects Flore &Venice and the artistic popularizer Lorenzo Bises.

Complete program of meetings on the site filter.place.