The creative duo Bloom & me (Carolina Trabattoni and Valeria Vaselli) presents an exhibition that displays 16 works from the artist's book that tells and interprets the beauty and discreet power of Portovenere's nature

From 15 to 29 September, at the Spazio Fular Milano, in via Melzo 34, an exhibition is exhibited that presents 16 original works created by the two creative Bloom&me composed by Carolina Trabattoni and Valeria Vaselli for Fiori della Scogliera (Cliff flowers), a limited edition artist's book that participates in the third edition of the “Bound Images” Award as part of the 17th edition of Photofestival (read here).


The flowers of early summer between the Gulf of Poets and the Cinque Terre

The editorial project Cliff flowers is inspired by the nature of the La Spezia coast of eastern Liguria, Valeria's homeland. The flowers were photographed at the beginning of summer on the Palmaria island and on the Cai path that from Portovenere leads to the Cinque Terre.

A mix of digital photography and ink drawing

The works created by Carolina Trabattoni and Valeria Vaselli interpret nature thanks to a mix of digital photography and ink drawing: on the images that reflect Carolina's photographic gaze, she then intervenes Valeria with light ink graphic signs to create landscapes luxuriant, poetic and dreamlike.

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A branched expansion of the natural world

The starting point is the real natural world. The image taken by Carolina fixes plants and flowers in memory as if they were still alive. The flower is not plucked, but immortalized in its vital splendor. From Carolina's gaze nature takes new form, to regenerate through the subtle and graceful sign of Valeria. Thanks to the design, the natural element goes beyond the boundaries of the photograph, grows, expands, extends into new ramifications until it goes beyond the boundaries of the paper itself.

The introduction to the book signed by Sabino Maria Frassà, Cramum's artistic director.

"Nature always wins: in a silent and inexorable way, crack after crack, grain by grain, re-elaborates and re-occupies the spaces occupied only momentarily by being human. Flowers of the cliff by the duo Bloom & amp; me is a sort of contemporary fable for adults that tells and pays homage to the discreet power of nature".

"The starting point is a place with an exemplary history, the disused quarry of the Canese brothers overlooking the sea Ligurian of Portovenere. For centuries the precious Portoro, a stupendous black marble veined with gold, was extracted from these quarries, but any human intervention does not last forever and so today nature has found its place here and thrives inside the Portovenere Natural Park".

"The sea breeze accompanies us through the pressing succession of works created by the artists - Carolina Trabattoni and Valeria Vaselli - combining photography with the ink drawing. Carolina's photographic gaze, which always portrays nature from bottom to top, transforms flowers into monumental architecture. If thanks to her gaze a newfound grandiose nature takes shape, from the subtle sign of Valeria an intense play of light, shadows and kaleidoscopic references is generated".

"The artists are thus able not only to crystallize the beauty of nature , but also to sublimate its continuous and incessant becoming: there is no disturbance, everything is because it must be in the world and in nature that we often tread on carelessly. The pages of the book thus transport us in medias res to a dream world beyond time in which a playful, almost childlike harmony reigns. The pastel colors, the diffused light, the sky in the distance make us experience the thrill of being bees in a flowery Eden that fly in the shade of rich foliage among flowers so far only dreamed of, which speak to the amazement of our warmest childhood memories... lying on a meadow, lulled by the wind and the sea".