Alpine settlements are now going through a moment of great sociological and technological change. The traditional lifestyle has to come to terms with issues of environmental impact of new constructions, also in the light of BBC* certification that will be applicable starting in 2012. This fair aims at providing a point of reference for Alpine architecture in the future. The promoter of the project, based on three years of work, isIsabelle Dieu. She is joined by a team composed of about 15 local architects, guided by Jean-Noel-Picot. Created for professionals and a larger audience as well, the fair offers authentic discussion of ideas for the future of mountain living. Contributions will be made by high-level European professionals to reflect on themes of great sociological and cultural pertinence: new strategies of bioclimate architecture, restoration, new and traditional materials, decoration and interior design, design and maintenance of gardens, new regulations, new technologies. The event, in an area of 9000 m2, will group around the Palazzo dello Sport in the heart of Megève 150 exhibitors organized in three different thematic areas. There is also a program of conferences.