From 12 to 14 October at the Rimini Exhibition Centre, the exhibition dedicated to innovative surfaces and materials

Superfaces is the B2B marketplace (organised by the Italian Exhibition Group) dedicated to innovative surfaces and materials for interiors, design and architecture aimed at architects, designers, general contractors, retailers, distributors, importers and general managers from the hotel industry: an appointment for a 360-degree overview of the world of innovative surfaces at the service of tomorrow's living. The concept of the second edition (12/14 October 2022 - Rimini Exhibition Centre) will be Flexible, the shape of contemporary living, a key concept with a wide variety of solutions and applications.

Watchword: flexibility

Flexibility is increasingly a form of contemporary living. In recent years, the traditional concept of domestic space has been revolutionised by transforming homes into offices, study stations, multifunctional and multigenerational environments. The architecture of the future must be under the banner of the protean: transformation, versatility, customisation, multi-use, modularity. Lifestyles dominated by the presence of the internet in which the virtual and real worlds contaminate each other show how the only fixed element is change.

Always new solutions

A new trade fair format that intends to become a community catalyst for the entire surfaces industry, which in Italy boasts a long tradition and a natural inclination for the search for ever new solutions. The doors of Hall D5 therefore open to resilients, laminates, resins, metal, parquet, textiles, colours, wallpaper and much more.

The partnerships

The event can count on numerous partnerships, each one rich in content for the audience of architects, designers, engineers, contractors and distributors it addresses: starting with the magazine Interni, which organises the opening conference, and continuing with the Rimini Province Order of Architects, which organises two seminars valid for compulsory professional training. At Superfaces Academy technical talks in cooperation with companies and workshops promoted by Ala Assoarchitetti and AIPPL (Italian Association of Wood Floor Layers).

Synergy with SIA

Also renewed is the synergy with SIA - Hospitality Design, the only trade fair in Italy that brings together the hospitality sector and presents new hospitality concepts, at the same time as Superfaces, allowing exhibitors to also intercept general managers and operators from the hôtellerie world.

An exhibition on Supermaterials

During the event, the iSupermaterials exhibition, curated by Armando Bruno, CEO of Studio Marco Piva. This is not a simple review or history of materials for architecture, but a focus on the state of the art today, starting from the fact that, in the history of architecture, materials have always marked change and modernity: from the raw earth used to construct buildings to the fired bricks of the Augustan age, to wood, glass, iron, steel, plastic polymers and supermaterials (liquid metal, graphene, bio-cements). An exhibition that investigates the connection between man, nature and material, in a triple bond marked by mathematics and beauty.