The Quadreria Contemporanea collection of Molteni&C, a project that began in 2006, curated by Cristiana Colli, commissions photographs and visual art to accompany each edition of the Salone del Mobile.

The collection is now on view in a site-specific installation for Glass Cube, entitled Floating Cube, with a concept by Ron Gilad who describes it as “…a cube within a cube, a suspended room with an entrance or an exit, an unexpected space for art.”

Twenty photographic works are on display, with twenty Molteni&C products as their protagonists, created by Paola De Pietri (2007), Francesco Jodice (2008), Antonio Biasiucci (2009), Olimpia&Miro Zagnoli (2010), Alessandra Spranzi (2011), Barbara Probst (2012), Davide Pizzigoni (2013), Botto&Bruno (2014), Mario Carrieri (2015), Olivo Barbieri (2016).

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attends Floating cube Molteni &C event at on October 16, 2017 in Giussano, Italy.