Journeys into the depths and through time, escape rooms, laser thrusters and AI: at Focus Live Visioni at the Science Museum in Milan, scientists, athletes, historians, cartoonists, artists, astronauts give life to a program of talks and experiences for everyone

Focus Live is back again this year, the Focus festival scheduled from 3 to 5 November 2023 at the National Science and Technology Museum Leonardo da Vinci of Milan.

Now in its sixth edition, Focus Live populates the weekend with over 80 guests, 70 events and 40 installations in a mix of hybrid experiences, workshops interactive and explorations between physical and virtual capable of involving adults, children and children. An opportunity organized by the monthly Focus directed by Raffaele Leone, to bring scientists, popularizers and researchers, but also athletes, artists, astronauts into contact with the public.

During the three days of the event, the protagonists of the scene will be holograms and robotic zoos, laser thrusters, connections into the abyss and time travel, simulators, scientific-themed escape rooms and strong>games, curiosities about the human body and explorations of Artificial Intelligence.

Focus Live Visioni: the program

The Focus Live 2023 program is organized in a rich schedule of events in the name of interaction and the contamination of ideas and experiences, to provide useful tools to change the way we see the world thanks to science and technology.

The inauguration of Focus Live takes place on Friday 3 November, at 9.45 am, with the participation of Raffaele Leone >, director of Focus, the General Director of the National Museum of Science and Technology Fiorenzo Marco Galli, Carlo Mandelli, CEO Mondadori Media and ElenaGrandi, Councilor for the Environment and Green.

The festival then officially kicks off with the hologram of Giovanni Soldini, engaged in an undertaking that will document the state of health of the oceans, before moving on to talk about holes blacks with the astrophysicist Virginia Benzi and innovations in football with Arrigo Sacchi.

In particular, at 12.45 pm Monica Battini, ethologist from the University of Milan, brings the future of AI to the table, trying to answer the question Will we be able to talk to animals?.

While we talk about hibernation with Matteo Cerri at 4.45 pm and then continue up to The End of the World with the environmental explorer and popularizer Alex Bellini at 5pm.

The day ends, before the final show at 8pm, with a meeting with Annalisa Dominoni and Benedetto Quaquaro, professors of the Polytechnic of Milan, and spatial design experts. They will tell how future space colonies will be built and furnished.

Among the most anticipated events on Saturday, the talk by TikTok professor Vincenzo Schettini, the history of the universe from the Big Bang to Homo Sapiens told with humor from the popular astrophysicist Filippo Bonaventura and from the proton Primo.

Focus on neurotechnology with Silvestro Micera, engineer at the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, and Pietro Mortini, hospital neurosurgeon San Raffaele in Milan and, at 12, It takes a beastly physique with Vincenzo Schettini.

In the afternoon, however, intelligence games which put the public to the test, including quizzes and crossword puzzles by Stefano Bartezzaghi (at 5pm) which, with the collaboration of the popularizer Linda Raimondo, will test the Focus Live audience.

The financial analyst Luca Dann in Pattume! explains the illusions created by bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. At 4 pm we will talk about risks and opportunities in the use of Artificial Intelligence with the father of information philosophy Luciano Floridi, philosopher from Yale University (USA). In the meeting at 6 pm, however, Products under stress shows the most curious inspections and laboratory tests to which everyday objects such as chairs, backpacks, hairdryers but also playgrounds, elevators, airplanes,

Not to be missed, on Sunday November 5th at 4.00 pm, the award ceremony for Carlo Conti with the Telegatto from TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, delivered as per tradition by AldoVitali, director of the newspaper.

For the occasion, and to celebrate the magazine's 70th anniversary, the famous award was transformed this year into a green work of art created by the artists of Cracking Art >.

Then followed by at 5.00pm with Silvia Moroni (@parlasostenibile), green content creator and sustainability expert who allows you to test yourself and discover how knowledgeable you are in practical green. The appointments continue until the evening, with the last appointment of the 2023 edition, namely the showThe Darwin Code with Telmo Pievani and Marco Paolini: a science show in which science , literature and theater dialogue and complement each other, created in collaboration with thePiccolo Teatro di Milano.

Focus Live Visioni: tickets, prices, timetables

  • The complete Focus Live schedule is available here.
  • All events are free and divided into two shifts: morning (10-13) and afternoon (14-20). Those who wish to stay all day can book tickets for both half days.
  • The two evening shows scheduled for Friday and Saturday, namely Vegetable Symphony and The Words of Circular Health, are free but it is necessary to book a separate ticket. li>
  • Leirette streaming and special contents are available on the Focus website and social channels.