Spazio FMG per l’Architettura presents an exhibition by Attilio Terragni. Architect, graphic designer and the Italian partner of Daniel Libeskind, Terragni offers an exceptional ‘digression’ for the 50th anniversary of Iris Ceramica. An installation for reflection, interpretation and analysis of the relationship between man and architecture, in two opposing environments: a navigable area and a transparent area. In the navigable area, a representation of the infinite in the modern world, the spectator sees himself reflected in a game of mirrors and a cycle of emotions (art, design, video, photography, sound…) . At the center of the installation stands Sfera, the steel seat inspired by the architecture of Libeskind and designed for the occasion by Attilio Terragni and Luca Mangione. The transparent area exists at the center of constructed spaces (in this case the projects of the studios of Cityedgeand Daniel Libeskind) whose reason for being takes form around the focal point of life and its centrifugal dynamism, represented by the drawings by Terragni on the walls. Fifty circular subjects, called Spheres, that exist constantly on the verge of implosion.