In the setting of Brera, Frag presents the Popit Pop-Up that fills the window of the Olivieri Brera space with particular, ironic and eclectic objects.

The protagonists of the installation are the Popit ottomans designed by the duo Analogia Project, an iconic item presented in this case in the reinterpretations of 5 designers who work with Frag: Ferruccio Laviani, Alessandro Dubini, Busetti Garuti Redaelli, Mist-o, and Analogia Project.

The results are 5 original, unique and lively projects: Ferruccio Laviani plays with splashes of color as on a white canvas, Alessandro Dubini gathers Celtic inspirations, transforming the Popit into a ‘Highlander pouf’ with a plaid kilt, while Busetti Garuti Redaelli pay homage to Frag craftsmanship with leather, putting the tools of the trade under glass.

Nature is the muse of the version proposed by Mist-o, where a light brass sheet held high by a slender rod offers shelter from sunlight or rain for the seated user, while animal features are seen in the model by Analogia Project, transformed by the addition of two long antlers, under the nickname ‘My Deer.’