From the observation of reality and the world around us, between reflection and protest, Triennale di Milano hosts an exhibition in October, a solo show by Francesca Leone entitled Our Trash, curated by Ermanno Tedeschi. The original project presents the latest series of works by the Roman artist, the result of in-depth research on the environment and the ecosystem.

19 aluminium grates form a single installation, a large platform on which the viewers can walk, observing and interacting with the work. The installation was made with the unwitting contribution of hundreds of people who scattered litter in the street; the signs of their passage emerge from the grates: cigarette butts, plastic, rocks, paper, keys, refuse, coins tell everyday stories of arrested time.

An exhibition of totally new artistic, cultural and social interest, a merciless analysis of man and his behavior with respect to the environment that surrounds him. Human beings cannot exist without nature, so it is our duty to respect it: there are many ways to convey this idea, and Francesca Leone does it impeccably through art, making a unique work that satisfies the gaze while stimulating thought.

“Our Trash” thus proposes reflection on the indiscriminate damage done by man, as part of the always current debate on the need to safeguard the planet. The project has the support of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Europe and laFondazioneNY.