The first Frette at Home flagship store is about to open on Corso Vercelli in Milan. Frette at Home is the new Frette brand, the expression of a contemporary lifestyle. To convey the identity of the display space, Fernando Mosca and the creative director of the brand Vincenzo Dascaniohave concentrated on rhythmical shifts of perspective. On two levels, the whole space works with transparency, lightness and a sober, measured design approach. Mirrored walls with copper inserts alternate with walls where racks offer shelves and display fixtures in technical materials, with copper borders. The glass staircase conceals its structural heft, in keeping with the desire to let the Frette At Home collections take center stage. Honeycomb displays follow the level shifts and the staircase becomes a showcase. The upper level features products for the nighttime, the main sector of Frette’s activity. Red, the dominant color, is used in a modern, fresh, at times ironic way. Visitors can also enjoy the Frette Garden space, as well as a lounge with a fireplace.