A new work of architecture adds a contemporary sign to the cityscape in the historical center of Rome. It is the lantern in glass and steel designed by Studio Fuksas for the former Unione Militare building, located between Via del Corso and Via Tomacelli, rising from the ground floor and crossing the four levels of the building to emerge on the roof over the panoramic terrace with a view from the Basilica dei Santi Ambrogio e Carlo al Corso. The interpretation of the historical context in a contemporary key has focused on light intervention on the exteriors, whose initial nucleus dates back to the late 1800s, concentrating on the interiors and the roof. The icon of the project and the heart of the intervention is the large ‘lanterna’, a structure in steel and glass with a triangular form, crossing the whole building. The full-height void provides a view along the structure at the various levels, connected by walkways. On the roof the ‘lantern’ reaches a maximum height of about 7.5 meters off the floor, offering a panoramic space of about 300 m2. Every level opens a single space to the public, marked by floors decorated with ‘bubbles’ of different sizes and colors, in tones of red, orange and violet on a white base. The furnishings, designed by Fuksas, are conceived as playful elements, inspired by children’s toys.