The Mosca Partners Design Variations format is proposed again for the Design Week 2023 at the Circolo Filologico Milanese and Palazzo Visconti

Among the first news for the events of FuoriSalone 2023, the reconfirmation of the double location for Design Variations 2023 and the restyling of all the integrated communication of Mosca Partners.

On the strength of the success of the last edition, also in 2023 Design Variations will replicate with a double venue: the Circolo Filologico Milanese and Palazzo Visconti.

The two buildings are located in the historic center of Milan, more precisely in the heart of two of the most important Design Districts of the city.

The Milanese Philological Circle in the Brera Design District

It is the oldest association in the city of Milan and is located in the heart of the Brera Design District. The building consists of 13 rooms with sizes ranging from 15 square meters to 140 square meters. These spaces create a path that connects the different exhibitions, emphasizing the collaboration between companies and creatives.

Palazzo Visconti at the Durini Monforte Design District

Palazzo Visconti, on the other hand, is one of the most elaborate examples of the Milanese Rococo. It is located in the Durini Monforte Design District and consists of five rooms richly decorated with magnificent frescoes. The size of the rooms varies from 48 square meters to 132 square meters.

The new brand identity for FuoriSalone 2023

The unprecedented visual identity of Mosca Partners reaches the public through a first social post, in video format, which summarizes the novelties: bright contrasting colors, such as acid green combined with gray, cherry red together with an electric blue, and clean, decisive topographic elements with a strong impact. Objective: to renew oneself while keeping faith with the values ​​of all time.

The latter are the basic elements that animate the whole new role of Mosca Partner, in different dimensions and declinations. The same topographical elements, when combined, form the design of the central pictogram of the whole project: a fly, a key symbol of the innovative nature of the brand.

The brand identity of Mosca Partner will be the protagonist of all integrated communication, including, of course, the various social media channels that a few days ago have launched a new strategy designed to guarantee visibility to all partners and exhibitors of the project before, during and after the event.