June is the issue dedicated to the rich report from Design Week. Interni reports on the Cross Vision event and witnesses how Milan turns into a design gym for architects, designers and creatives from all over the world

A volcano. This is the symbolic image that we will always have in our heads and hearts as a reminder of this crackling FuoriSalone edition. An erupting volcano that generates ideas, energy and dynamism, just as Michele De Lucchi and Guido Scarabottolo imagined and presented it through a large diorama to celebrate Interni's first 70 years. With the month of April, we started the official celebrations of this important anniversary. And we did so by presenting to the public of Milan Design Week an exhibition-event that in its title, Cross Vision, expresses a transversal thought, the result of the exchange of different ideas and knowledge, which the magazine - and its communication system - has been committed to spreading for seven decades with the aim of promoting the evolution of architecture, interior design and design.

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Graphic Motion: Daniele Basilico

Six locations, 41 installations, 44 designers from 12 countries

The important birthday was matched by equally significant figures: 548,000 people visited, from 15 to 28 April, the six locations of the Interni exhibition: Università degli Studi di Milano, Audi House of Progress | Portrait Milano, Orto Botanico di Brera - Eni Space, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Eataly Milano Smeraldo, Urban Up | Unipol - De Castillia 23. Forty-one installations proposed, 44 designers involved, 12 nations represented.

A polyphonic exhibition

A polyphonic exhibition that connected those who design and those who produce by combining apparently opposing concepts: technology and craftsmanship, art and industry, materiality and digitalisation, complementary and unavoidable elements of the contemporary innovation process. At Cross Vision, the anniversary of Interni - celebrated with a dinner hosted by seven different designers, one for each decade: Piero Lissoni (1954-1964), Patricia Urquiola (1964-1974), Michele De Lucchi (1974-1984), Ferruccio Laviani (1984-1994), Benedetta Tagliabue (1994-2004), Francesca Lanza- vecchia (2004-2014), Elena Salmistraro (2014-2024) - and the most beautiful installations of FuoriSalone 2024 we dedicate, as always, the entire June issue.

Milan, a design gym

An issue of Interni that is not simply intended to be a review of evocative images, but the testimony of how Milan, in April, is able to transform itself into a design gym for architects, designers and creative people from all over the world, reaffirming, year after year, its undisputed role as the Capital of International Design.