The traveling exhibition 'Nobody's Perfect' exhibits, now in Shenzen, then in Beijing and finally in Shanghai, a hundred iconic works created by Gaetano Pesce from 1960 to today

With new works created ad hoc and a large permanent outdoor installation, Gaetano Pesce: Nobody's Perfect is the first solo show in Asia of the famous Italian creative who in the last five decades has explored the boundaries between art, architecture and design. The exhibition, organized in collaboration with Design Society, has a itinerant program.

Inaugurated in October 2021 in Shenzen at the Sea World Culture and Arts Center (SWCAC), where it will be exhibited until February 27, 2022 , from March to June 2022 it will be in Beijing to then arrive in Shanghai. Inserted in the ' within 2022, Year of Culture and Tourism Italy - China , the great monographic works of the 'artist and designer.

The wonderful world of Gaetano Pesce

With about 100 works, all handmade from 1960 to today - seats, tables, wardrobes, lamps, design products, architectural models, resin paintings, vases and installations -, the exhibition offers an unprecedented overview of the wonderful world of Gaetano Pesce, with figurative forms animated by hyper-saturated colors, created thanks to the innovative use of viscous materials.

Representative works and ad hoc works

The exhibition displays some of the most representative works of Pesce's career in addition to new works created specifically for this project, for a total of 53 three-dimensional works and 38 reproductions including drawings and photographs. In addition, the ' site specific art installation Up Chair 5 & amp; 6 5.5 m high (blow-up of the famous family of chairs designed for B& B Italia in 1969) was commissioned ad hoc to be permanently positioned at the main entrance of the SWCAC.

Creative freedom, between art, architecture and design

The Design Society creative platform brings Gaetano Pesce's works to the Chinese public with the hope of inspiring those who wish to work by overcoming the barriers between art, architecture and design and to share the sense of creative freedom, individualism and understanding of the fluidity of time and the future that characterize the work of the ' Italian artist over the last 50 years.

Open a debate to make it evolve

“The great Chinese culture has opened the doors to my work” comments Gaetano Pesce. “I am very honored to be able to exhibit my ideas on the future of architecture and object design in a museum that will certainly be able to carry the debate forward, evolving and promoting activities in these two important sectors of contemporary culture”.

The physical power of the exhibition

“Gaetano Pesce is a globally known designer. His works recall the golden age of the Italian postwar period, made up of critical thinking and optimism” commented Zhao Rong, director of the Design Society. “It is difficult to describe how Pesce manages to find historical connections, emotion and functionality in design, creating pleasant surprises in our daily life and giving a precious feeling of tranquility in being loved. I believe that our audience will be able to physically feel the intangible power of the exhibition”.

A cavernous depth that a child can understand

“Pesce's work has a cavernous depth given by in-depth exploration. Paradoxically, however, her objects declare themselves from the surface so that even a child (especially a child) could understand them” concludes the curator and historian Glenn Adamson.