The artist Stefano Cescon, with his exhibition "Terra!", curated by Sabino Maria Frassà, invites you on a journey through new materials to discover a new artistic language, between sculpture and painting. In Milan, Corso Magenta 2

The exhibition "Terra!", the third appointment of the "Materiabilia" cycle promoted by Gaggenau and Cramum, is on until 22 December 2022. The exhibition, curated by Sabino Maria Frassà, is the first solo show in Milan of the winner of the eighth edition of the Cramum Prize, who has invented a new technique that merges painting with sculpture using wax and paraffin.

An odyssey in contemporary art

"Terra!" stems from artist Stefano Cescon's desire to explore new paths, to rethink the very role of painting. As the curator of the exhibition Sabino Maria Frassà explains: "Terra!" is the culmination of Stefano Cescon's odyssey in contemporary art and celebrates the artist's arrival at a new artistic lexicon, one that unites past and present and is based on the fusion of different languages. Along the walls of Gaggenau's Milanese space, the artist presents an unprecedented production: the wax and paraffin sculpture-paintings, for the first time in large format, are projected into space. The pictorial gesture almost disappears, replaced by a sedimentation of colours that offers the observer the illusion of being in front of stratified mineral concretions characterised by unexpected collapses of colour between one layer and the next."

Light and colour balance

The discovery of a new material (beeswax) and of sculpture are the new eyes of Stefano Cescon, whose path starts from the experience gained through painting - from the study of light and chromatic balance - and then turns to a creative dimension closer to the act of 'building' and to the craft and material aspect of the work.

An incessant search for balance

If wax was one of the first materials used in painting (just think of the Egyptian, Greek and Roman encaustic), the artist gives this substance life and three-dimensionality, creating works that are not just paintings, but matter that is projected into space. The result is works that straddle the line between painting and sculpture, recalling limestone or marble sedimentations and are the result of a chemical process that never allows a precise aesthetic effect to be predicted: there is no idea of error or correction; at the end of the process, the work simply works or is destroyed. In this sense, Stefano Cescon's art appears to be an incessant search for balance between technique and creative flair, control and unpredictability. A choice that depends solely on the artist, according to his sensitivity and his sense of pictorial composition.

An ideal Wunderkammer

With the "Materiabilia" exhibition cycle, Gaggenau and Cramum tell the story of matter becoming wonder through human genius: the Gaggenau DesignElementi showrooms in Milan and Rome are transformed into an ideal Wunderkammer, in which art and design become protagonists and coexist alongside professional appliances of the highest quality and technological innovation made in Germany. Visits are open to the public by appointment only by e-mail or telephone: - Tel. +39 02 29015250 (extension 2).

Photo credits: ©Francesca Piovesan - Courtesy Stefano Cescon, Gaggenau and Cramum