The initiative consists of two separate moments, one like a compendium of the other: guided tours and a special website.

The visits focus on the human, historical and scientific history of Galileo Galilei. Visitors are guided inside the Basilica of Santa Croce to encounter the “Galilean memories,” including less familiar ones, capable of evoking the complexity of a story that for centuries has provoked uproar and debate.

The second moment is connected to a different phase of use: the distributed museum on Galileo finds a home in the special website devoted to the initiative. This virtual place shared by the two institutions permits exploration of the “memories” in Santa Croce and the objects in Museo Galileo thanks to profiles and in-depth information on scientific instruments, funerary monuments in the Basilica and the biographies of connected personalities.

The site also provides an interactive map of the places of Florence related to the scientist. The route between Santa Croce and Museo Galileo is therefore a starting point for a broader “Galilean itinerary” in the city, which can be completed independently, using the information contained in the website.

Calendar: first visit: Saturday, January 30, 2016. The program includes one visit per month, on Saturday afternoon. The calendar will be available on the website of the initiative.