The Geberi Group has refurbished its centers in Manno (Lugano) and Villadose (Rovigo) and has opened a new area for training and services for installers and designers in the production plant of Pozzi-Ginori at Gaeta (Latina).

The facility at Villadose was the first to choose a formula that combines designer training with visits to the production lines – with updated Silent db20 and SilentPro systems – while the new center in Gaeta is the one that offers a complete panorama of solutions, as a result of the merger between Geberit and Pozzi-Ginori.

Aimed mostly at architects and showroom personnel, the center has a technical area for installers that offers a chance to discover the hidden side of ceramic fixtures and systems, in a truly unique display showing the products positioned on transparent walls.

The training room seats 25 persons, while the showroom displays 12 bathrooms organized in an area of 200 m2.

The faucets and facings installed in the bath settings of the new Gaeta training center have been supplied free of charge by Nobili and Marazzi.

The first courses begin in October, with a truly unique possibility for sector professionals: a visit to the production lines of Pozzi-Ginori, an emblem of the history and quality of ceramics Made in Italy.