At the new Fatto ad Arte space (via Cesare Correnti 20), an interesting selection of works by the best artistic crafts workshops, of excellent quality, halfway between art and industrial design. Objects that have the capacity to gather, in an artifact, the spirit and cultural heritage of the people who dwell in a particular territory. In this exhibition, the first of a series of activities that will take place in the space on Via Cesare Correnti throughout the year, the focus is on Caltagirone ceramics and Lecce stone. Glazed ceramic heads by Ugo la Pietra represeting the 4 Seasons and several professions; a table, Mediterraneo, also by Ugo La Pietra, with a top of cobalt blue tiles, some enhanced by relief figures like women playing ball and winged horses, with a dreamy, Fellini-like beauty. Lecce stone, on the other hand, is seen in the Collection of Memory, designed by Andrea Branzi and Ugo La Pietra, a museum merchandising project of the 1990s, and two large conceptual sculptures by Alvaro Siza.