Rethinking the kitchen outside the walls of the home, with a focus on the Hybleaen culinary tradition. These are the objectives of RE-Thinking Kitchenand RE-Thinking Food, two ideas competitions launched by Lab 7.0 of Gerratana. The first asks architects, designers and decorators to design an autonomous, ergonomic, personalized and ecocompatible kitchen module with furnishings that are easy to transport and assemble, to prepare food in any context. The second, RE-Thinking Food,invites pastry chefs, chocolate makers, bakers and chefs to invent a new kind of sweet or savory finger food using the typical ingredients of the Ragusa territory, inspired by the dishes described in literary works by local authors, or the art forms and architecture of the Hybleaen tradition. Submitted projects will be examined by technical commissions composed of sector professionals. Web users can express their opinions, voting for their favorite projects through the web channels of the companies and the social networks. In the case of RE-Thinking Food, the commission will directly evaluate the works at the finger food at the company headquarters, with the participants on hand to make the delicacies. Guidelines can be downloaded at: