The City of Milan-Department of Culture organizes a major event on Giancarlo Vitali (Bellano, 1929), at multiple sites, including Palazzo Reale with the first large retrospective on this Italian 20th-century master.

Giancarlo Vitali. Time Out is curated by Velasco Vitali, the son of Giancarlo and himself an artist, at four locations in Milan, each revealing the poetics of Vitali from a different vantage point.

Palazzo Reale hosts a large retrospective with 200 works, including 188 paintings and 12 drawings.

The Sforza Castle presents an installation by Velasco in the Sala Viscontea, introducing visitors to the world of engraving of Giancarlo Vitali.

The Museum of Natural History hosts a thematic focus on The Forms of Time, namely fossils and geological finds.

The Manzoni House, finally, presents paintings and drawings made in 2002 on the theme of illness.

The project and exhibit design are by the studio C14 of Alexander Bellman, who also did the special displays together with Romeo Sozzi.