Wild flowers mingle with 60,000 tulips in a sort of impressionist painting: light and colors, an authentic explosion of hues, engaging all five senses.

The informal garden of Villa Pisani Bolognesi Scalabrin at Vescovana, in the province of Padua, is transformed after a long winter into a watercolor of mixed colors, in keeping with the latest trends in Dutch landscape design.


The spring of 2017 will be very special: from late March to late April, over 60,000 tulips will bloom in a vast meadow surrounded by trees in the historic park, renovated and enhanced towards the end of the 1800s by the owner of the villa, Evelina Van Millingen Pisani.

This special woman loved flowers, especially tulips, also perhaps because these flowers originated in Turkey, where she was born, and then became garden flowers in Holland, the country of origin of her father’s side of the family.


Every Sunday during the five weeks of blossoming of the tulips, visitors can enjoy the Spring Festival of the Senses.