Three internationally acclaimed studios with different backgrounds – the Mexican firm Ares Arquitectos, the Spanish practice B+R Arquitectos and the Italian studio Lombardini22 – approach a single central theme: the design of large retail spaces.

Places created not just to respond to the constantly changing tastes of consumers, but also to become spaces of life for the community.

Each studio has chosen 5 projects, for a total of 15 works of architecture, in an exhibition that narrates the various phases of design: from the initial concept to the work in progress and the final result.

Photographs, renderings, drawings, models and original sketches narrate the design approach of the three studios.


The opening on 18 October at 18.30 will come after a discussion 10.30 the same day at Istituto Cervantes, Via Dante 12, Milan.

Moderator: Luca Molinari, Associate Professor of History and Theory of Contemporary Architecture, Università degli Studi della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”.

Participants: Carlo Ezechieli, Director of IoArch; Ares Arquitectos, Guadalajara; B+R Arquitectos, Madrid; Lombardini22, Milan.