On Corso Monforte, inside Palazzo Rasini, the new Globo showroom is based on a design by Giulio Iacchetti. On the ground level the space is like an art exhibition, where the container has a neutral character: washstands and bath fixtures stand out like pale, soft sculptures displayed on austere bases. In the lower level, with vaulted brick ceilings, Globo Downtown presents a fantastic, complex sculptural composition, a metaphor of the modern metropolis, unexpected and unpredictable works of architecture created with the products of Globo, designed by the likes of Giulio Iacchetti,Luca Nichetto and Creative lab+. The space begins as a showroom, but it will also be a location for events and temporary exhibitions, a meeting place and training facility, for round table discussions and seminars, as well as technical-design consulting, for a direct dialogue with architects, designers and the general public.