Now underway, the ninth edition of the international architecture competition organized by Casalgrande Padana to select the most significant constructed works that offer the best interpretations of the technical properties and expressive potential of the porcelain stoneware by the Casalgrande Padana brand. Grand Prix focuses on built projects all over the world, comparing experiences of different kinds, so it is an excellent opportunity for an overview of the state of the art in a range of different architectural fields: shopping and office centers, public buildings and services, industrial buildings, special applications, facade coverings and outdoor pavements, residential construction. All designers can take part (architects, engineers, designers) if they have built works using Casalgrande Padana materials for floor, pavements or facings of any type. In this ninth edition of the competition participants can submit works completed in the period January 2007- September 2012, by sending documentation to the Grand Prix office at the headquarters of Casalgrande Padana.Guidelines and forms are available at the toll-free number 800210311, or they can be downloaded from the designers’ section of the website