Over 30 years of history, more than 1800 projects from five continents: this is Grand Prix, an international architecture competition created by the Emilian brand, now in its thirteenth edition

What do architectural competitions and awards mean today? What does it mean for a professional to stand out in design in a given field (residential, public, private, ceramic, stone, wood, etc.)? If the purpose is to test the skills of designers as curious, empathetic, creative, intelligent human beings, capable, through their talent, of connecting us with the Planet and making us better people, then yes, architecture prizes still have meaning. Among them, the Grand Prix of Casalgrande Padana, on the scene for over 30 years, which opens until 31 December 2024 for registrations and applications (click here).

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A common comparison

Prestige and authority of the Casalgrande Padana Grand Prix are testified by its "quantitative" success (more than 1,800 projects in the various editions), but above all by the "quality" of the candidate projects, coming from the five continents, thanks to which protagonists of the architectural star system, young talents and established studios, confront each other on the common ground of ceramic design, between creativity and technological innovation.

Ceramic protagonist

Grand Prix selects and awards the most significant projects that are able to enhance the technical properties and expressive potential of Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware elements. Through this cultural initiative, the company, attentive to the phenomena of evolution and renewal affecting the international architectural scene, promotes an event in which ceramics is not only revealed as a function of the project, but becomes its protagonist.

Architecture, design, innovation

An operation supported by the contribution of an international jury made up of sector experts, designers, university professors and architecture critics from different countries, called upon to operate independently. An initiative that, in Casalgrande Padana's intentions, wants to go beyond the concept of a competition, in order to propose itself as a moment of constant comparison and reconnaissance on the themes of architecture, design and technological innovation.

Creative Book

The results of each edition of Grand Prix Casalgrande Padana are collected in Creative Book, a volume printed in 60 thousand copies, produced and distributed in collaboration with the international architecture magazine Casabella. Inside, each award-winning work is illustrated, described and deepened in its contents, to stimulate new paths of research and experimentation, building up over time, a documentary work on the evolution of the ceramic product and its applications in architecture.

Culture of production and culture of design are the fundamental reference areas for the development strategies of Casalgrande Padana, which has promoted and consolidated a deep relationship of collaboration with the universe of architectural and interior design from the very beginning.