From the restyling of the cafeteria to the Barbara Probst exhibition to the 'photos from the window' by Ettore Sottsass, it is an increasingly sustainable Triennale that renews the attention paid to photography

From the restyling of the cafeteria to the Barbara Probst exhibition to Ettore Sottsass's 'photos from the window', it is an increasingly sustainable Triennale that renews the attention given to photography

There are two new photographic exhibitions proposed by Triennale Milano: Barbara Probst. Poesia e verità (Poetry and truth) focused on the theme of individual and subjective vision and perception of reality and Ettore Sottsass. Foto dal finestrino (Photos from a Window), which celebrates the connection of the multifaceted designer with photography.

But not only that, it was inaugurated, in a guise -  green and bright - renewed, the Caffè Triennale is the new exhibition space that welcomes. The intervention curated by Luca Cipelletti has freed up the central space of the cafeteria, so as to enhance the perspective axis from the entrance and make the large windows overlooking the Sempione Park immediately visible. 

Caffè Triennale

The renovation project of the cafeteria, designed by the architect Luca Cipelletti, follows principles of sustainability and energy efficiency and gives a central role to light and green , thanks to the presence of large plants. The counter, moved to the short side of the space where the kitchen is located, was redesigned by Lavazza involving the illustrator and graphic designer Raikhan Musrepova, while the central space will be used to house a series of temporary installations dedicated to nature. The first work on display is GL 03 by Andrea Branzi, part of the Grandi Legni collection, published by Design Gallery Milano & Nilufar Gallery.

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The interior design

The lighting is signed Artemide with the modular lamps Alphabet of Light and Gople, equipped with patented technology of RWB colored light that promotes plant growth , both designed by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group). The tables were designed ad hoc by Giulio Iacchetti , while the seats are by Molteni.

Ettore Sottsass. Foto dal finestrino

The exhibition Ettore Sottsass. Foto dal finestrino (Photos from a Window) developed in collaboration with Studio Sottsass  and designed by Christoph Radl open to visitors until May 22, 2022 with free admission, brings together 26 photographs – associated with as many short texts – that Ettore Sottsass took between 2004 and 2006 and published in Domus. These snapshots were taken by Sottsass during his travels around the world. They are accompanied by reflections about design, architecture, and urban planning, as well as by travel memories and observations about the present.

A remarkable atlas of correspondences and coincidences

Stefano Boeri, the President of Triennale Milano, has stated: “When I became the editor-in-chief of Domus in 2004, I asked Ettore Sottsass to write an editorial for each issue of the magazine expressing his world-view. Ettore chose to start by sending us some postcards or, as he liked to call them, ‘photos from a window’: full-page pictures with a short text he had typed on his Olivetti Valentine. Ettore would pick these fragments of the world and thoughts from his vast archive of places that he and Barbara Radice had visited around the globe. The 26 snapshots of visual thoughts that we are now newly presenting at the Triennale make up a remarkable atlas of correspondences and coincidences between places, feelings experienced, and thoughts. They are like threads running between the world of inhabited places and the inner world of a great, incomparable artist”.

In 2009 Adelphi published this project as a volume in their Biblioteca minima series.

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Travel snapshots taken with an old Leica M6

India and Iran, Bali and Hong Kong, but also Milan, Catania, and Ponza: Foto dal finestrino  is a collection of snapshots – both in colour and in black & white – taken with the old Leica M6 that Sottsass always used to carry with him on his travels. This series of photographs reveals Sottsass’s gaze on the reality surrounding him and his remarkable ability to combine words and images with the utmost freedom, so as to build a unique, personal narrative starting precisely from the gap between the two. Sottsass captures hidden worlds and realities that no one has ever noticed before, and which he depicts in a direct and pithy way.

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Barbara Probst. Poesia e verità 

Barbara Probst. Poesia e verità, exhibited until May 22, 2022, offers an itinerary through images executed at different moments in the artist’s career. This selection of 24 works, featuring a total of 91 images, includes portraits, still lifes, nudes, street photography, fashion and journalistic photographs, gen res that Probst explores by alternating the use of black & white and colour.

Compositions of photographs taken from various angles

Barbara Probst's works are composed of a group of photographs that seem to crystallize the moment from different visions and perspectives. The associated images portray the same subject, at the same instant: through the use of a radio-controlled device, the artist has different cameras simultaneously capture the subject from different angles and distances.

The photographer’s role and that of the viewer

The same instant is fragmented and expanded, multiplying the points of view and raising questions about the photographer’s role and that of the viewer. This brings out all the ambiguities of photography, the medium of partiality par excellence.

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Photography at the heart of the Triennale

Stefano Boeri has stated: “In recent years, we have assigned renewed centrality to photography in the Triennale Milano programme, by presenting the works of young talents as well as established artists. The solo exhibition we are devoting to Barbara Probst falls within a programme designed to analyse photography as a means to enact a critical process and vision”.

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Proceeds to support Ukrainian refugees

All proceeds from the Barbara Probst. Poesia e verità exhibition will be donated to the Milano Aiuta fund, promoted by the City of Milan in collaboration with Fondazione di Comunità Milano, for the reception and support of Ukrainian refugees.