In keeping with the new approach introduced by the creative director Alessandro Michele, Gucci announces the launch of a project in which four artists are invited to create real and virtual spaces that express the eclectic, imaginative spirit of the maison.

Alessandro Michele has chosen three innovative Japanese artists and invited them to work with him on the Gucci 4 Rooms project. Chiharu Shiota, Daito Manabe and Mr. have been asked to create a Gucci room based on the themes and motifs suggested by Alessandro Michele.

Trouble Andrew, with whom Gucci has already collaborated – starting with the F/W 2016-17 collection – is the fourth artist involved. He has created a secret art installation.

The rooms by the artists will be presented on a special mini-website: Visitors can explore the rooms in an interactive way, as in a video game. The installation by Trouble Andrew is open only to those who find specific items hidden in the other three rooms.

These imaginary spaces will materialize in the real world starting on 12 October, when the rooms created by the three Japanese artists will be shown on the 7th floor of the Gucci Ginza boutique.

Trouble Andrew has also been asked to create a work inside the Elephant Room of Dover Street Market in Ginza.