Studio Novembrehas designed a new concept store for Ittierre, the company of reference in the production and distribution of fashion trademarks, owned or under license. The space is clearly based on the Italian character of the brand and, in particular, the metaphysical landscapes of the painting of Giovanni De Chirico. The architecture stands out for its symmetrical organization, a continuous wing of arches and a single dominant color, matched with the two-tone flooring. The arches are reminders of the courtyards and squares of 16th-century Italy, but with different proportions. Their repetition in a very limited space like that of a store accentuates the metaphysical character. The color used for all the walls is hard to classify: green, sky blue, intense yet neutral at the same time, an ideal backdrop for all the brands that fill the space with their own specific hues. The black and white floor is not the usual checkerboard of classicism, but a herringbone design that is both angular and fluid. At the center of the space two large busts, facing each other, emerge from the ground like sphinxes, halfway between science fiction and archaeology. The result is an a-historical, timeless space. The IT Gallery in Hong Kong is just the first in a long series of stores programmed in the collaboration between Ittierre and Studio Novembre.